Why choose NPA Insurance for your Professional Indemnity Insurance

Comparing insurance options and what is suitable for your pharmacy business is often confusing.

NPA Insurance offers you a holistic and long-term approach to the risks faced by pharmacists, for instance even when you are retired and have stopped paying your Professional Indemnity insurance we will still cover you for claims made whilst the error occurred during the time you had the policy.


Are you?……. With NPA Insurance:
..looking for personal claims

handling and legal expertise from start to finish of a claim?

You will be able to speak with a legally qualified team, who understand pharmacy when things go wrong.  Our claims handlers will manage all aspects of your claim, whether for indemnity or legal expenses.
..wanting cover for risk associated with running a pharmacy business or practicing as a pharmacist? We are able to insure you for most pharmacy risks including cover for product liability and legal expenses which sometimes are not associated with professional mistakes.
..thinking of retiring or selling up soon, and wondering about exposure to future claims? Your Professional Indemnity policy is on a ‘claims occurring’ basis.  If the incident or error occurred during the period of the policy, we will cover it.
..exploring new patient services? You can develop your business with the knowledge that, should you expand service areas and take on new risks, NPA Insurance will normally be able to accommodate those risks and if unable to do so we will usually be able to arrange cover elsewhere.
..entering the world of wholesale? A new Wholesale Professional Indemnity policy provides tailored cover to members who are wholesale dealing.
..wanting to avoid any excess? All our Professional Indemnity policies have no excess, so you won’t need to worry about paying money towards settling a claim.
..taking on a pre-reg student? Pre-reg students working in your pharmacy benefit from Professional Indemnity insurance automatically.

NPA Insurance, with its breadth, depth and great value, covers you and your staff for the varied activities that are undertaken in the course of operating a community pharmacy business.

NPA Insurance gives you a holistic approach to the risks that you face when running a community pharmacy with a long-term commitment to both cover and rates.

NPA Insurance is your company and exists to provide you with comprehensive and sustainable insurance solutions. As NPA members, you will always be able to speak to a legally qualified person who understands pharmacy if things go wrong.

The NPA Insurance service is supported by a specialist insurance team. With decades of experience in the industry the team safeguards’ the pharmacies of thousands of members across the UK. They are uniquely qualified to give professional and practical advice on a wide range of issues which may affect you in the course of your daily activities and which impacts on professional, public liability and regulatory matters.

The breadth and depth of our cover is unique and has been serving the interests of you, our members, for over 110 years. An indemnity limit of £10,000,000 per occurrence on a ‘Claims Occurring’ basis is backed by a high-quality pharmacy-specific claims service.

NPA Insurance is in tune with the development of new services being offered through pharmacies and is usually able to confirm over the telephone whether a new service is covered. In the very rare event of our being unable to provide cover we have access to a number of specialist markets for such contingencies.