Archived on 23 March 2022 – this content has expired.


Hear from a number of independent pharmacies who are already successfully using Medicspot COVID-19 PCR test kits:

Shahzad Aziz, Owner at Newington Pharmacy, Edinburgh

“Travel vaccines were a profitable service for us before the pandemic. Covid-19 testing has helped fill the void left by travel vaccines and has exceeded expected profits. Covid-19 testing has been very popular. People travelled from as far as Newcastle and Aberdeen to get tested. Before Medicspot, we assembled a small team to manage the Covid testing demand and answer up to 100 customer calls a day. Medicspot has made the process much easier to manage. I’ve always championed Medicspot. They support pharmacies with new innovative ways of managing healthcare. I was let down by couriers prior to Medicspot. They’ve done a much better job dealing with issues swiftly and professionally. I expect that when restrictions relax, we will see a big upturn in Covid testing demand. It’s all well and good working with a cheap testing provider but if they’re not reliable you’ll have to take a lot of issues on yourself. I’ve been very happy with Medicspot. We have customers using our Covid testing service multiple times. It’s working well for them. They come back again and again because they trust our service.”


Chenyang, Store Manager at Optipharm Pharmacy, Wembley

“Covid testing has brought in a lot of new business which is great during these hard times. Our customers are very happy with the speed and reliability of the testing service. Medicspot does a great job taking care of working with the labs and service requirements. Our Covid testing service has given us a great reputation in our local community and allowed us to build trust with our customers. Medicspot has made it easy to sell Covid testing to our customers and grow our business. We’re very happy with the service provided.”


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