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Following the announcement of the new Contractual Framework in England, the NPA's Andrew Lane urges independents to embrace change; but warns that pharmacies won’t be fit to deliver new services if starved of resources


By Paul Brett, Monkbar Pharmacy


By Phil Galt, NPA board member


By Steve Brine, Minister for Primary Care and Public Health. With all the recent talk around prevention in the health and care space, you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s being talked up as the newest kid on the block. In truth, we’ve known the ‘…better than cure’ truism for as long as medicine has been practised in civilised society.


Graham Prestwich Public and Patient Engagement Lead Yorkshire & Humber Academic Health Science Network


Here at Lincolnshire Co-op, we’re gearing up for Ask Your Pharmacist Week which runs from November 5 to 12.


Nick Kaye recalls his recent experience of undertaking the Mary Seacole programme.


The NPA Employment Law Advisory Service Team can provide you with guidance.


Helga Mangion, NPA Policy Manager


On a typical NPA PGD vaccination training day, pharmacists will attend the training site either for a morning or afternoon session. Pharmacists will meet their trainer and other pharmacists receiving training for tea, coffee and refreshments before starting 3.5 hours of training. This training will see participants learn important vaccination techniques, basic life support and anaphylaxis…