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When I entered my Wheathampstead branch on a Wednesday in March the atmosphere was supercharged and the emotion palpable. I noticed a distraught young mother being comforted by one of my counter staff while holding an obviously unwell child.


Globally, over 10 million people die each year due to raised blood pressure (BP). It is the number 1 contributing risk factor for global death, but because it is usually symptomless, the challenge is to ensure it is detected.  According to the PURE* study only 46.5% of people who have levels of BP which we believe need treatment (hypertension), are actually aware of the fact - despite detection…


Recently myself and a handful of other NPA members underwent some professional media training, with the agreement that we would speak to the media, both national and local, in the future. It’s part of the NPA’s plans to recruit and support a network of pharmacists who can advocate for the sector. The training was provided by the NPA in a professional broadcast studio.


This year will see 70 years since the so-called ‘Appointed Day’, designated by the National Health Act of 1946. The National Health Service’s first day of operation. I find myself invited to take part in a local expert panel convened to discuss this momentous day and deliberate on the future of this great national institution.


Community pharmacies across the UK have been making sure patients get their medicines, despite the weather, often making deliveries by foot. Olivier Picard, pharmacist and manager at Newdays Pharmacy in Reading looks back at his week.


Many pharmacists will have experienced the past twelve months as their toughest ever year. It has certainly been my own darkest hour as a pharmacy owner.


Fees for those bringing employment tribunal claims have been ruled unlawful, and the government will now have to repay up to £32m to claimants.


Welcome to the first in a new series of blogs - Independent Pharmacists Thinking Aloud.  The views in these blogs do not necessarily reflect those of the NPA.


Building on the success of last year’s conference activity, the NPA will have a stand at each of the major political party’s conferences in the coming weeks.


‘There are two paths the sector can go down. One involves mass automation, centralised dispensing and pharmacists working predominantly from GP practices or remotely. The other sees community pharmacies better integrated with other services, operating efficiently as neighbourhood health and wellbeing centres and being a front door to the NHS. This second path is the only path built on solid…