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Pride Month is celebrated across the UK in June, however here at the NPA we believe Pride should be celebrated all year round. That’s why we want to highlight the importance of being a good LGBTQ+ ally. For LGBTQ+ employees, especially transgender, non-binary and gender-expansive employees, it can be particularly sensitive to start conversations on pronouns. In this article feature, we…


Take a look at our day of action social media posts below for you to share across your social channels. Discover a range of graphics we've created and the poster for you to print and share photos in front of your pharmacy.


Thank you for registering to take part in our Innovators Online Forum: Cultivate Workplace Innovation Today to Shape Tomorrow. We are looking forward to hearing your voice and take part in discussions on the 26th June at 7pm.


NPAI has always been a unique place to work. Set up by pharmacists over 120 years ago to provide protection for their businesses and their livelihoods, its purpose remains clear today - to protect community pharmacy as its role within the provision of primary healthcare and commercial services grows and diversifies.


By Dr Bruce Warner, Deputy Chief Pharmaceutical Officer for England