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On a typical NPA PGD vaccination training day, pharmacists will attend the training site either for a morning or afternoon session. Pharmacists will meet their trainer and other pharmacists receiving training for tea, coffee and refreshments before starting 3.5 hours of training. This training will see participants learn important vaccination techniques, basic life support and anaphylaxis…


We are the heart and hands of the NHS in our neighbourhoods.


"Patients are often surprised when they find out that I can prescribe and that they don’t always have to wait to see a GP - surprised and often very relieved."


We want to do what's right and actually add value to our community and make sure we're helping people rather than just what some people might perceive as a retail transaction.


One of my proudest moments was helping a whole family give up smoking.


Like so many others, I am proud of the NHS and what it stands for. For the most part, it has managed to stick to its founding principles, in particular that care is given based on need rather than a person’s ability to pay for it.


I will never forget this one patient who had schizophrenia and who had made several attempts to take her own life.


We are no strangers to bad weather in Scotland but when the Beast from the East struck, it was on another level. The response from my team and many other independent pharmacies was just fantastic though.


My proudest moment so far is when we referred a very poorly baby who it turned out had leukaemia. Baby and mum came into the pharmacy one Wednesday afternoon, when I was just a few months into my pre-reg year.


Becoming a pharmacy health centre, with nurses and pharmacists working together, was an incredible moment for me and the team.