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Services, Supply & Sustainability

Hear from a full range of fellow Pharmacy-travellers – MPs, NHS, business innovation experts and peer pioneers; just like you.
With the NPA Centenary behind us, this visionary foray into the unexplored vista ahead will face resolutely forward and deal with serious and reality-altering themes and technology, effectively turning myth into the mapping of the coming decade, and next half-century.

13th – 14th September 2022

There will also be lots of interaction, videos to share, questions answered and knowledgeable guides available.


Conference Sessions:

Welcome and Keynote

Community Pharmacy - What’s next behind the “Front Door to the NHS”?

Healthcare in tomorrow’s digital environment

What’s your view of the future based on?

Genomics, when emerging science becomes reality

What is the role of community pharmacy - in pharmacogenomics?

Using technology and automation efficiencies

What IS automation in pharmacy - and how can it help?

Solutions for workforce pressures

Effective recruitment and retention

Lunch and Learn

Some tasty knowledge and networking

Improving my Pharmacy Practice

Inspiring ideas to adopt!

Local to national commissioning and integration

Integrated Care Systems - the opportunities