NPA Pharmacy technician course sponsorship guidance

Recovering training costs

When a new employee is recruited, induction training and training in the basics of working in a pharmacy should be provided to help them to settle into their new role.

As they progress, you may want to offer further training so that they gain the new skills and knowledge that will benefit both the employee and your business. When additional training courses have been bought in to meet specific needs, there are circumstances in which the costs can be recovered if an employee leaves while undertaking a course or within an unreasonably short period of time afterwards through the implementation of a sponsorship agreement.

Any recovery of costs must be agreed by the employee before the training starts. It is possible to deduct the cost of training from any payment of wages/salary, but any such deduction must have been agreed in writing before the start of training and it is important that the employee signs their acceptance of the change.

There will be cases where staff members who are undergoing or have completed training decide to leave their employment for completely unrelated reasons, for example, to look after a sick relative, or a move from the locality. These situations should not attract the payback provision.

If a member of staff goes on maternity leave you must not ask them to repay costs, even if the employee does not return to work after her maternity leave, as this would be regarded as direct discrimination.

A template letter for employers to use and adapt for their employees can be downloaded here.

The NPA’s study sponsorship form for employees to review for guidance is available via this link.