To help members find answers to common questions on COVID-19 testing kits the NPA and Medicspot have put together some FAQs.

Will this be covered by my indemnity insurance?

It is important that you check with your insurer if you are covered for this service.

If you have indemnity insurance with NPA Insurance and you are in England, Scotland and Wales please check their latest update.

What is the difference between antigen and PCR tests?

Medicspot antigen test kits are accepted by many popular destinations in place of a PCR test, including the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Greece and Portugal. As antigen kits are cheaper and offer faster results, they are the preferred choice for most travellers.

Why can't customers use free NHS tests?

International travel requires private tests from a government listed provider, with a Fit to Fly certificate. The NHS is also due to phase out their free lateral flow tests, meaning there will be even more demand for private tests like Medicspot provides.

Is this test suitable for fit to fly purposes?

Tens of thousands of customers have travelled with a Medicspot COVID test.

Their antigen test kits are accepted by many popular destinations in place of a PCR test, including the UK, USA, Germany, Italy, Greece and Portugal. As antigen kits are cheaper and offer faster results, they are the preferred choice for most customers. Medicspot email the customer a doctor-signed fit to fly certificate free of charge if they test negative for coronavirus.

When should customers purchase their test?

Medicspot recommend customers purchase their test as soon as possible to guarantee they have their test in advance. Lateral flow tests have a 6 month shelf life. All kits have a use by date on the side of the box.

Do customers need to register their kit?

Customers must register their kit before using their test. If they need further assistance, they can chat with our customer service team by visiting medicspot.co.uk/contact.

How do customers perform the sample collection?

Customers use a swab to collect a sample by inserting it into their nostril and twisting the swab, then placing the swab in the test solution.

Full instructions are included with each test kit, and there is the option for customers to have their test observed by a doctor to ensure it is done properly.

What are the possible test results?

Negative – The customer does not have any evidence of an active infection.

Positive – The COVID-19 virus has been detected. The customer will not be able to travel and we will inform NHS Public Health about their positive result.

Inconclusive/Needs Repeated – Very infrequently, the customer’s swab result will need to be repeated. This is often due to poor sample taking technique. They will need to purchase another swab kit.

When do customers receive their results?

Medicspot antigen test kits provide results in just 20 minutes. Your customers can get their certificate within 2 hours of securely uploading a photo of their result to our platform. This allows your customers to meet strict time window requirements for travel.

Is this test suitable for children?

Yes, there is no age limit on tests.

However, performing a swab on a young child may be challenging. Parents should only perform a swab on a young child if they feel comfortable doing so.

Can customers use the pharmacy consultation room to complete their swab sample?

Yes, the pharmacy can allow usage of the consulting room/bathroom for patients to take their own swabs. However, it has to be self-swab rather than pharmacies administering swabs as this is not a private service offering.

Will customers need COVID-19 testing for travel after being double-vaccinated?

As COVID-19 vaccines do not fully prevent people from catching and spreading the virus, many countries still require people who have been double jabbed to take a COVID-19 test.

Does my pharmacy need to be CQC accredited?

No, your pharmacy does not need to be CQC accredited to sell COVID-19 test kits. Medicspot is accredited by the CQC and uses UKAS accredited labs.

Medicspot is also Government approved and on the Department of Health and Social Care and UKAS framework.

If you resell our tests and receive payment from the customer, you need to self-declare to DHSC. You can use our helpful guide to streamline the self-declaration process. This includes all of the relevant attachments needed.


What is the VAT treatment in relation to the purchase and sale of a Medicspot COVID Swab Test?

Where an individual purchases our Covid Swab Test, this provides them with the test kit and a review of the test results by our medical team. The above represents a provision of healthcare to an individual, which we believe is exempt from VAT. In light of this, we do not charge VAT to an individual who purchases a test directly from us and we do not charge VAT where we sell the Covid Swab Test to a pharmacy/retailer for onward sale.


Where one of the Medicspot COVID Swab Tests is sold by a pharmacy/retailer to an individual, as the individual is receiving exactly the same service as they would receive had they purchased the test directly from Medicspot, they consider that your sale to an individual will similarly be exempt from VAT in light with our own practice. However, you (the pharmacy/retailer) are fully responsible for ensuring that you apply VAT correctly to these goods and services.

Does Medicspot have a returns policy?

Returns are accepted within 28 days of purchase. An administration fee of £5.00 will be deducted per returned kit.

Please note the following conditions –

Test kits must be securely packaged to prevent damage in transit. Test kits returned with damaged boxes will not be refunded. In cases where the test kit is damaged, the test kit will be discarded and no refund will be processed.

For hygiene reasons, and due to the risk of cross contamination, we cannot offer refunds on COVID test kits with broken hygiene seals.

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