To help members find answers to common questions on PCR testing kits the NPA and Medicspot have put together some FAQs.

How do I self-declare?

Pharmacies in England are required to self-declare to the Department of Health & Social Care (DHSC) if they sell Covid-19 tests to customers. It typically takes 2-3 business days for DHSC to approve your pharmacy as a compliant reseller of Covid-19 tests. You will then be listed on gov.uk.

Good news for pharmacy groups – you only need to self-declare once for your parent company.

You must self-declare, to do so click here.

Will this be covered by my indemnity insurance?

It is important that you check with your insurer if you are covered for this service.

If you have indemnity insurance with NPA Insurance and you are in England, Scotland and Wales you can read the latest update here.

Is this test suitable for fit to work purposes?

Medicspot tests are suitable for asymptomatic employees who need to be tested before returning to work.

Is this test suitable for Fit to Fly purposes?

Tens of thousands of customers have travelled after using a Medicspot COVID-19 test. Their tests are suitable for 72 and 96 hour time window requirements, depending on the flight date. They email the customer a doctor-signed fit to fly certificate free of charge if they test negative for coronavirus.

Is this test suitable for the Test to Release programme?

This test is not suitable for the Test to Release programme because of the strict rules surrounding when tests can be sold to customers.

When should customers purchase their test?

Medicspot recommend customers purchase their test as soon as possible to guarantee they have their test in advance. After ordering, their test kits can be used within 90 days.

How do customers perform their sample?

Customers will perform their sample using a gentle and non-invasive swab. Clear instructions on how to take their swab will be provided in their test kit.

Do customers need to register their kit?

Customers must register their kit before returning it to the lab. If they need further assistance, they can chat with Medicspot’s customer service team by visiting medicspot.co.uk/contact.

How do customers return their sample?

Your customers can drop off their completed sample at their nearest Medicspot Test Hub or at a Royal Mail priority post box using the free return label included in the kit.

What are the possible test results?

Negative – The customer does not have any evidence of an active infection.

Positive – The COVID-19 virus has been detected. The customer will not be able to travel and we will inform NHS Public Health about their positive result.

Inconclusive/Needs Repeated – Very infrequently, the customer’s swab result will need to be repeated. This is often due to poor sample taking technique. They will need to purchase another swab kit.

When do customers receive their results?

Medicspot COVID Test Hubs are the fastest way for your customers to get COVID-19 test results and a doctor-signed Fit to Fly certificate with Medicspot.

Medicspot’s unmatched efficiency allows your customers to get their certificate 24 hours after the lab receives their sample, allowing them to meet 72 and 96 hour time window requirements, depending on their flight date. Read more about their turnaround times.

Does my pharmacy need to be CQC accredited?

No, your pharmacy does not need to be CQC accredited to sell Covid-19 test kits. Medicspot is accredited by the CQC and uses UKAS accredited labs. Medicspot is also Government approved and on the Department of Health and Social Care and UKAS framework.

Will customers need a COVID-19 PCR test to travel after they've been vaccinated?

The government says: We do not yet know whether [the vaccine] will stop you from catching and passing on the virus.

Until there is more information on whether or not you can be a carrier after getting vaccinated, COVID-19 PCR testing remains the gold standard for international travel.

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