2020-21 Packages and Training

View all the 2020-21 packages, member and non-member pricing plus training options on offer here. Vaccination training is also available for pharmacy technicians.

Enrolment process for 2020-21

You will need to purchase your PGDs and training via the NPA/CB Training portal, find out more. Pharmacy technicians can also enrol for vaccination training.

Step-by-step guide to qualification

The NPA's recommended training pathways can be viewed on this page.

Offering PGDs

We highlight the key benefits to your business and your patients by offering PGDs, and how the NPA can support you.

Be featured on Traveljab.co.uk

Our Recommended Business Partner traveljab.co.uk can help you promote your PGD services to increase footfall.

ePGDs and the new Travel Health Service (THS)

Find out more about ePGDs and the new Travel Health Service (THS) available to NPA members

Terms and Conditions

Ensure you read the full PGD Terms and Conditions before buying. Please note that membership discount vouchers are no longer valid on PGD Packages and Training.

PGD promotional resources to support your PGD services

These resources include templates, posters and advertisements which we are making available to you this year as digital assets.

Flu pack resources

Quickly access resources on Flu that have been issued by our Learning & Development and Pharmacy Services teams - you may need to enter your member login to view these.

Enquiry form

If your enquiry is not accommodated by the boxes above, please complete the online enquiry form.

Vaccination training for Pharmacy Technicians

The NPA has just launched vaccination training for registered pharmacy technicians. Please visit this page before purchasing a training session.