2021 range and pricing

This page provides a summary of the vaccination training and PGDs on offer, as well as member and non-member pricing.

Meet our partners

We're pleased to be introduce you to ECG Training - our new partners for 2021. Find out more here.

Vaccination training - Testimonials

This testimonials page provides insight into our successful vaccination training programme.

COVID vaccination preparation training session

For vaccinators that require additional training to administer COVID-19 vaccinations - details of our webinar can be found here.

Flu implementation guide and other resources - now available

Quickly access resources on Flu that have been issued by our Learning & Development and Pharmacy Services teams - you may need to enter your member login to view these.

Enrolment process for 2021

Once you have decided what you wish to purchase, this page will explain the next steps to enrol on ECG's ecommerce portal.

Flu vaccination training and PGDs

Discover your Flu training and PGD options, what's covered in the training and the medicines within the PGD.

Travel and other vaccination training and PGDs

Learn more about the Travel and other vaccination travel and PGD packages available and the medicines contained in the PGD services.

Oral/topical PGD services

With over 30 different Oral/topical PGD services on offer, you can find out more about the Pick 'n Mix bundle and the medicines within the PGDs.

Training recommendations

This page contains current information on the training requirements, as well as easy to follow diagrams if you're unsure what training you need to undertake this year.

Vaccination training for Pharmacy technicians

The NPA offers practical vaccination training for registered pharmacy technicians. It is also suitable for provisionally registered pharmacists, pre-registration pharmacists and Covid vaccinators.

2021 PGD brochure

Download your copy of this year's leaflet to find out what's new, the range on offer and preferential member pricing.

Vaccination training and PGD FAQs

If, after viewing the information on these web pages, you have questions, please refer to our FAQs via this link.

Terms and Conditions

Ensure you read the full NPA/ECG Terms and Conditions before buying.

PGD promotional resources to support your PGD services

These resources include templates, posters and advertisements which were created previously. They are available to you as digital assets.

NPA Business Partners to support your PGD Services

Traveljab.co.uk and Healthy Performance can help you increase patient footfall and Locate a Locum if you need additional cover during the flu season. Find out more about these Business Partners here.