We would like to introduce the companies that we have chosen to deliver the 2021 NPA Vaccination training and PGD programme.

ECG Training

ECG has been providing vaccination training for community pharmacists since 2004, supporting the first cohorts of pharmacists who were involved in pilots of such a service. On average we provide vaccination training to around 12,000 pharmacists per year. As a company, we also work with the NHS and private healthcare organisations in providing training and trained approximately 30,000 healthcare professionals in 2020.

ECG is a passionate advocate of community pharmacy, and we are keen to support your roles and help develop your clinical practice. As a nurse led company, our business objectives and company values keep the ‘patient’ at the heart of what we do and deliver.

We specifically recruit qualified nurses and paramedics who will provide the training. They all have an appropriate clinical background as well as teaching experience and are also recruited for their personality ensuring you will feel safe, comfortable and reassured in your training, as that is how we learn best.

On the Delegate Resource area of our website, we provide additional resources including information on PPE, videos, guides and booklets and posters to download once training is completed.



ECG’s strong partnership with PharmaDoctor means we can provide you with all you require to set up and maximise your clinical services, from training, eTools and PGDs, to full marketing and advertising support.

PharmaDoctor is a champion of local pharmacies and of their importance to communities. Supporting over 12,000 pharmacists nationwide, the brand is the UK’s leading provider of pharmacy-based clinical service packages.

PharmaDoctor has been at the forefront of pharmacy clinical service development for nearly 20 years. As champions of community pharmacists we believe they are capable of so much more than dispensing prescriptions, as evidenced by the 2.5 million+ vaccinations administered by pharmacists last year alone.

We understand the challenges faced by Community Pharmacy. These challenges make us even more determined to provide pharmacies with the means to thrive. New clinical service opportunities. Reaching a broader audience of patients. And carving out a new, uncontested market space within the future of healthcare.


The PharmaDoctor eTool is a clinically robust online consultation guidance and recording keeping platform. The software walks you step-by-step through comprehensive online consultations covering a range of conditions. The eTool medical questionnaire prompts the patient to provide all details required for an individual patient risk assessment. By checking the medical history of the patient against the eligibility criteria of the integrated PharmaDoctor PGD(s) and the SPC(s) of the recommended treatments or vaccinations, the eTool automatically calculates if the patient is eligible.

Patients can register online before coming to the pharmacy which means both you and your patients save time and the eTool creates a permanent record of all consultations for you and your patient, which is great for auditing purposes. The handy follow-up consultation function makes it easy to manage ongoing conditions and patients’ medical details are stored on the eTool so it is easy and quick to complete a new consultation for a different condition.

Offering multiple pharmacy consultation services with the use of PGDs only can prove complicated. It’s very difficult for you to keep across all the literature and updates required to maintain patient safety.  The PharmaDoctor eTool is designed to take the complication out of the process.

Once you’re used to the software, regardless of the condition, the consultation procedure does not alter that much, which makes it easy for you to take on and run lots of clinical services at the pharmacy, without compromising patient safety and level of service.

For a demo of the eTool for Flu, click on this link

To enrol onto vaccination training please click here to book now.