Offering clinical services helps pharmacies to thrive and reach a broader audience of patients as well as providing an alternative income stream.

Pharmadoctor service packages often include an eTool. The eTool is consultation guidance software that takes you seamlessly through a risk-assessment and questions related to the service, helping the pharmacist determine which product(s) can be offered. The eTool has PGDs integrated, to give pharmacists the medical-legal authority to administer vaccines/dispense medicines. The eTool also keeps a record of the consultation and products given/administered.

eTool demonstration

The Pharmadoctor Unlimited Clinic Package gives you access to a range of service packages enabling you to offer 60+ services (for details see their webpage)

Pharmadoctor marketing support

The pharmacy will be added to the Pharmadoctor patient site, where patients search for services, find local pharmacies that offer them and can request appointments.

Pharmadoctor also run national marketing campaigns and using their services means you can access a bank of FREE digital marketing assets that can be used on social media channels, website, and pharmacy TV screens.

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NPA Member purchase process

  1. Browse to find out more about the different services
  2. Log in or register to create an account
  3. Have NPA Member discount code to hand (click on button at top of this page to obtain the code). This should be entered during the purchase process
  4. Order your package
  5. Complete any required training
  6. Launch and deliver your service – there are marketing support materials available from Pharmadoctor. If further support or information is needed, contact

Terms and conditions


Pharmadoctor service packages (with eTools/PGDs) need to be purchased per pharmacist and for each pharmacy company that the pharmacist works in.

There is a specified list of healthcare professionals who can legally supply or administer medicines under a PGD. This list includes pharmacists but does not currently include pharmacy technicians or trainee pharmacists.

When using a Pharmadoctor service package pharmacists need to ensure that they are competent in the area and will need to sign a declaration.

Further information about the service packages including the price and the medicines can be found on Pharmadoctor’s webpage.