Regulatory requirements

Ordinarily, NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) has determined that pharmacists providing the Flu Vaccination Service need to attend face-to-face training for both injection technique and basic life support (including administration of adrenaline) at least every three years.

Pharmacists are also expected to undertake annual update training each year, to ensure their knowledge stays up to date with changes in practice and guidance. ECG Training and the NPA recommends that this annual update is in the form of Online Annual Update training if F2F training is not required. While the guidance does state that your annual update could involve self-directed learning, (for example, using relevant references sources, such as the Green Book and the annual flu letter), the Online Annual Update training provides you with documented evidence of completion as well as additional certified CPD.

During 2020, as a result of the COVID pandemic, the NHSE&I provided temporary guidance meaning that pharmacists, who had previously undertaken vaccination training and were due to repeat F2F training for both injection technique and basic life support (including administration of adrenaline) in 2020, did not need to do this until 2021. For 2021, training must continue as normal, i.e. if you are due for triennial vaccination training this year, or were due for it last year, you must undertake it this year. Online refresher training must also be recommenced as normal.

The visual below, explains what you need to do this year according to where you are with your vaccination training.

Express training sessions – pharmacists only

This year we have additional options for pharmacists who wish to refresh their vaccination skills, so you may also find the flowchart below useful, which directs you to the most suitable vaccination training. If you wish to find out more about the Flu Express training sessions, click here.


Additional recommendations

The NPA also offers the following guidance:

Although the minimum requirement for F2F vaccination training is now every three years, to provide the NHS flu service, all pharmacists must ensure their competency to administer parenteral vaccinations is assessed and maintained, especially if they also provide other NHS and/or private vaccination services. In the event of a patient safety incident, as part of the incident investigation, the pharmacist’s vaccination skills competency may be reviewed. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that each pharmacist completes a vaccination skills assessment each year to self-check their own competency to provide vaccination services, both NHS and private.

Oral / Topical PGD Services

There is no requirement for separate specific training. You will be required to declare that you have read the PGDs and Risk Assessment forms and self-declare you are competent to provide the service. eTools for oral treatments all have supporting online CPD training modules which are included as part of the support package. If you feel you have a further need for training please contact:

The visual below illustrates the different options for oral/topical PGD Services:



If you have further questions regarding training requirements, please view our FAQs or contact:

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