Training requirements

All health professionals delivering immunisations should be trained and competent, and complete regular update training. There may be different requirements depending on the service or PGD that should be followed.

In the event of a patient safety incident, as part of the incident investigation, the vaccinator’s vaccination skills competency may be reviewed. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that each vaccinator completes a vaccination skills assessment each year to self-check their own competency to provide vaccination services, both NHS and private. A vaccination skills assessment template is available as part of the National Minimum Standards and Core Curriculum for Immunisation Training for Registered Healthcare Practitioners.

NHS England Flu vaccination training

New vaccinators need to develop clinical skills in immunisation and apply their knowledge in practice. A period of supervised practice to allow observation of, and development of clinical skills and application of knowledge to practice is essential. The supervisor must be a registered, appropriately trained, experienced and knowledgeable practitioner in immunisation. All new flu vaccinators should complete a competency assessment for formal assessment and sign-off of their clinical competency. Face-to-face training is strongly recommended for new vaccinators, and should also include Basic Life Support (BLS) and anaphylaxis.Many of those delivering the flu programme will be experienced vaccinators and will only need to update their knowledge. Areas they should specifically look to update on include:

  • Groups recommended to receive flu vaccine in the forthcoming flu season
  • The different flu vaccines available
  • Which vaccine should be given to which groups
  • Any new advice for this flu season
  • Maximising uptake and delivering vaccines safely

This can be achieved by completing online refresher training. There is online learning available from elfh to support the NHS service, or refresher packages including PGDs for private services, such as those offered via ECG can be purchased.

Flu vaccinators should ensure they are familiar with all the latest relevant information available about the flu programme. This includes reviewing the Green Book (influenza chapter); the annual Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC), NHS England and UKHSA flu letters, information from UKHSA and subscribing to the monthly UKHSA publication Vaccine Update and reading any subsequent letters and information materials from DHSC, NHSE and UKHSA that become available.

Face to face and online refresher (update) training

Individuals providing  vaccination services must have undertaken appropriate training.  Face-to-face training is strongly recommended for new vaccinators as well as those who do not feel confident in their competence or have had a break from administering vaccines.

Annual updates should be completed to ensure knowledge and practice remain current – these annual updates should include BLS and anaphylaxis, vaccine storage, administration and legal aspect updates, as well as core knowledge and training on the types of vaccines. Periodic face to face refresher training for vaccinators should be considered to ensure consistency of practice, peer support and to discuss any clinical issues that are arising in practice.


Refresher training

Refresher training options are available for both flu and travel services. Note that refresher training does NOT include any F2F vaccination training, so those purchasing these packages should have completed appropriate F2F training to enable them to deliver vaccination services.

For other country specific training requirements for services, click on the relevant link or check local guidance.


N. Ireland


Non-vaccination PGD Services

You will be required to declare that you have read the PGDs and Risk Assessment forms and self-declare you are competent to provide the service. Where specific training is required, it will be referred to as a condition of using the PGD. Some service support packages from Pharmadoctor also include online learning modules.

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