Apothecaries Hall – Gala Dinner 13 June

The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries lies at the heart of the early foundations of modern-day medicine and remains an important, active and innovative medical institution today.

Steeped in history and tradition, the Society was founded by Royal Charter in 1617 and is one of the few livery companies in the City of London to remain professionally based with over 85 per cent of its membership belonging to professions allied to medicine.

The dress code for the Apothecaries Hall is formal. For gentlemen, a suit and tie would be acceptable, but we invite you to follow our tradition of wearing “black tie” for very formal events. This form of dress, often chosen by Mr James Bond, consists of a black dinner jacket with silk facings, black trousers with a silk braid, white dress shirt  and a black bow tie. In summer, some people substitute the black jacket for a white one, but that is still considered to be black tie. We have a number of people from whom you could rent the outfit. However, no-one will be turned away for not wearing a black tie, it is much more important that everyone attends and enjoys the event.

If the dress code is “black tie”, there are more options for ladies. A ball gown, evening gown or cocktail dress would all be considered appropriate.

Black Tie hire is available at on the following links,