NPA Coverage in the media 2019

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The NPA’s press office helps to safeguard the interests of the community pharmacy sector in the media and ensures the voice of NPA members’ is well represented. The press office writes regular columns for the pharmacy trade press and often organizes NPA spokespeople to be interviewed on national and regional media to talk about the issues which matter most to pharmacists and patients. We also advise NPA members about handling local media interest in their pharmacy – whether it’s bad news or good news.

Below is a list of some media coverage in which the NPA has appeared in.

Summary 2019:

31/07/2019 – National Health Executive – National Pharmacy Association: Community pharmacy in the digital age

31/07/2019 – C&D – NPA: ‘Notable number’ of anticoagulant dispensing errors in 3 months

23/07/2019 – C&D – Lloyds pharmacy will expand automation, but warns of flat funding

23/07/2019 – Training Matters – ‘A curate’s egg’ – responses to funding deal come in

23/07/2019 – The Pharmacist – Mixed reaction to English community pharmacy contract

16/07/2019 – ICP – NPA: Check status of CBD products or risk insurance cover

01/07/2019 – Pharmacy Biz – ‘GPs can refer 20 million patients to community pharmacy each year’

26/06/2019 – The Pharmacist – It’s no wonder that contractors are feeling conflicted about PCNs

24/06/2019 – P3 Pharmacy – GP DMIRS could send 20m patients to community pharmacy

24/06/2019 – The Pharmacist – Pharmacy minister ‘alert’ to sector’s financial pressures

21/06/2019 – C&D – Should you sell CBD products in your pharmacy?

21/06/2019 – Pharmacy mag – (NPA conference) No conclusive evidence of hub and spoke benefits in pharmacy

21/06/2019 – P3 Pharmacy – (NPA conference) Pharmacy minister “alert to financial pressures”

21/06/2019 – ICP mag – (NPA conference) No conclusive evidence of hub and spoke benefits

21/06/2019 – ICP mag – (NPA conference) Lennox: LPCs should co-ordinate contact with PCNs

21/06/2019 – C&D – (NPA conference) Hancock wants pharmacists to provide more urgent care, ‘like France’

21/06/2019 – C&D – (NPA conference) Pharmacy minister: Contract will reward offering a range of services

21/06/2019 – Pharmacy Mag – (NPA conference) Matt Hancock: “People trust pharmacists”