Pharmacies are using PDM to save £7,800 yearly*

More money to spend on improving your pharmacy

Most pharmacies have seen savings of 1-3 hours a day, that’s a saving of up to £7,800 a year

Through making simple changes to increase efficiency your pharmacy can save time and a lot of money.

Pro Delivery Manager optimises your delivery routes and monitors your drivers thus ensuring an effective delivery service and accurate accounts on the time spent delivering medicines.

By cutting down the hours you need to employ drivers your pharmacy can save on wages and use the money saved to deliver extra services such as vaccinations to your patients.


« Pro Delivery ManagerPDM allows for an auditable paperless delivery service »



*based on paying your drivers £10.00 an hour (£7.50 an hour plus tax and holiday) and saving 3 hours per day, 5 days per week. Most pharmacies have seen savings of 1-3 hrs a day up to £7,800 a year.