Developing your team

Terry Reid is dedicated to developing and mentoring his staff and believes staff development is linked to customer loyalty.

People are your greatest assets’ is a phrase you hear a lot in business. After 25 years supporting burgeoning and blossoming careers, it is something NPA member Terry Reid knows to be true and his commitment to the cause has just seen him achieve a prestigious gold award from Investors in People (IIP).

Terry deploys a wealth of learning and development approaches, including mentoring, bringing in speakers and sending staff on courses, to coaching in emotional intelligence. Day to day, team members are encouraged to exchange information and Terry will often share quotations and television clips to help inspire and motivate. Everyone right down to the teenager on a work experience placement is expected to take a lead in briefing meetings.

‘I believe that people provide the best, and work at their best, when they are comfortable, but also stretched. I am passionate about helping people who want to reach their potential.’

The result is ‘people progressing in their careers both internally and externally’ and their ‘genuine belief that Reid’s Pharmacy is a great place to work’. ‘It’s excellent for staff morale,’ adds Terry. ‘I have very loyal, very good staff, who are proud of what they do.’

As per the pharmacy’s mission statement, ‘We provide our best because we care,’ Terry puts the customer at the heart of his approach. ‘It’s about providing a certain level of care and service and having staff who want to turn up to work. Customers come back to us, often passing other pharmacies in order to do so. We want to make them feel so special that they walk out the door feeling better.’

‘I’m very proud,’ says Terry. ‘For me, it justifies all the time and effort I have put into people over the years. I can’t take all the credit myself. Everyone in our business ensures they are helping colleagues to develop. Everyone takes responsibility, even new Saturday staff behave as if they own the business.’