Partnership and collaboration

Paul Mayberry shares how his collaboration raised the profile of his pharmacy.

Mayberry Pharmacy in Wales joined forces with the Stroke Association to offer blood pressure tests in the pharmacy’s seven branches and Wetherspoon pubs. Managing Director of Mayberry Pharmacy, Paul Mayberry, says 20 percent of the population never visit a pharmacy, and many pub-goers fall into hard-to-reach categories for healthcare services.

Of the 800 people who had their blood pressure tested in the pub, a huge 70 percent were found to have raised blood pressure and 25 percent had significantly raised blood pressure. They were encouraged to visit a Mayberry Pharmacy to have a more thorough check. Paul says the initiative has raised the profile of his pharmacy and helped improve the health of local communities.

He hopes this will lead to patients filling their prescriptions at Mayberry pharmacies, if they receive treatment and medication as a result of their tests.