Electronic Prescription Service

Prepared for EPS? We have SOPs FAQs and top tips to get you set up and ready for EPS.

According to the Health and Social Care Information Centre, almost 58 million prescriptions have been dispensed via the NHS Electronic Prescription Service since its introduction in 2002.  94% of pharmacies are enabled for the system and more than 7 million patients have nominated a pharmacy to process their prescription.  However, figures also show that just 24% of GP practices are technically enabled to provide the service and many of those use it only partially.

The system is yet to demonstrate real benefits – either to pharmacies or patients.  Indeed, it has caused a number of problems in practice.  When a pharmacist encounters a problem with EPS, it can be difficult to pin down precisely where the failure lies in each instance – whether with the PMR system, or the spine, or indeed elsewhere in the chain.  One thing we do know is that pharmacists will get the blame from patients if an inadequate system is put into operation on the front line.  The NPA is working through Pharmacy Voice seeking a resolution to the long listof outstanding problems with EPS.  Pharmacy Voice is taking all the problems identified to the HSCIC.  If you have experienced a problem not listed, please let us know. You can contactindependentsvoice@npa.co.uk.

The NPA has also put EPS questions to pharmacist and EPS expert Mohammed Hussain.  Watch the video below.