Incident Reporting Platform (IRP). ***Updated platform launched***

Patient Safety Incident report form.

Northern Ireland

A new Patient Safety Incident Reporting tool is now available.



The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) has held and continues to hold the role of Medication Safety Officer (MSO) for all independent community pharmacies in England with fewer than 50 branches.

MSO responsibilities for supporting pharmacy businesses and superintendents include:

  • Promoting medicines safe use
  • Implementing local and national medication safety initiatives
  • Improving patient safety on a day-to-day basis
  • Submitting incident error reports
  • Improving reporting and learning from patient safety incidents
  • Responding to requests from the Patient Safety Domain in NHS England and Medicines Healthcare product Regulatory Agency (MHRA) for further information about medication error incidents

The Incident Reporting Platform (IRP): updated user-friendly platform will help you complete incident reporting effectively and in a methodological order – IRP guidance coming soon!

Quality Payments Scheme (QPS) : part of the QPS is the requirement to develop a risk review – a template and example are available for you to use.


The Medication Safety Service is currently being piloted in Scotland.

Read our guidance for completing the Patient Safety Incident Report form

Northern Ireland:

A new Patient Safety Incident Reporting tool is now available. Members in Northern Ireland can continue to anonymously report patient incidents to HSCB.

Guidance on completing the new online reporting can be found here.

Patient safety NPA resources, updates and reports:

***Packaging changes for some buprenorphine patches***
Butec and Transtec (buprenorphine) patches will now be supplied in child-resistant sachets, which means the sealed sachets must now be cut with scissors rather than being torn open as previously. The Patient Information Leaflet, and markings on the sachet have been updated to indicate the change.

  • Pharmacists and pharmacy teams are advised to counsel patients on this change which will be effective in all new stock bearing serialisation codes

Adrenaline: alerts, information and stock update

The NPA has a dedicated adrenaline webpage (open access) detailing updates on all adrenaline-related news, information and stock availability.

NEW: Adrenaline patient safety update

***Urgent alert*** The validation protocol for AAI 150mcg has been stopped throughout the UK – manufacturer validation process may still apply; read for more details

Valproate: risk during pregnancy

The high risks associated with valproate exposure during pregnancy remains a high priority patient safety concern; alerts have been issued via: NHS Improvement (England), Patient Safety Wales (Wales), Healthcare Improvement Scotland (Scotland), Safety Quality and Standards Circulars (NI)

NPA Guidance


MSO quarterly updates (England)

Patient safety incident reports (Scotland)