P2: Empowered and competent staff

This Principle is ensuring staff are empowered and competent to safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public.

To comply with this Principle, you need to make sure that sufficient staff are available to provide pharmacy services safely with appropriate skills and qualifications.

This principle includes six standards, as highlighted below:

Standard 1:  Sufficient staff are available to provide pharmacy services safely, with appropriate skills and qualifications.

Standard 2: Staff have the appropriate skills, qualifications and competence for their role/tasks or, if in training, they are working under the supervision of another person.

Standard 3: Compliance with professional / legal obligations and empowerment to exercise professional judgement in interests of patients/the public.

Standard 4: Culture of openness, honesty and learning.

Standard 5: Staff are empowered to provide feedback and raise concerns about meeting these standards and other aspects of pharmacy services.

Standard 6: Incentives or targets do not compromise the health, safety or well-being of patients/public or the professional judgement of staff.

Take a look at our video and download our resources to understand how to comply with Principle 2 and the evidence inspectors may require you to demonstrate compliance.