P3: Managing pharmacy premises

This Principle is about ensuring that the environment and condition of the premises from which pharmacy services are provided, and any associated premises, safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of patients and the public

To comply with this Principle, you need to make sure that sufficient staff are available to provide pharmacy services safely with appropriate skills and qualifications.

This principle includes five standards, as highlighted below:

Standard 1:  Premises are clean, safe and properly maintained

Standard 2: Design of the premises protects the privacy, dignity and confidentiality of patients

Standard 3: Appropriate level of hygiene maintained, depending on services offered

Standard 4: Secure premises, safeguarded from unauthorised access

Standard 5: Appropriate environment

Take a look at our video and download our resources to understand how to comply with Principle 3 and the evidence inspectors may require to demonstrate compliance.