P5: Equipment and facilities

This Principle is about ensuring all pharmacy equipment and facilities used within the pharmacy safeguard the health, safety and wellbeing of patients.

In order to comply with Principle 5, equipment and facilities used in the pharmacy should be safe and fit for purpose. Equipment should comply with the appropriate safety standards, for example, and be correctly installed and maintained so that it is kept in good working order, with instructions available where necessary.

Facilities to assist different patient groups should be available such as the capability to produce large print labels for the partially sighted, for example. Patient confidential information should not be put at risk due to faulty or inappropriate equipment, or equipment not being stored correctly.


This principle includes three standards, as highlighted below:

Standard 1: Equipment and facilities needed to provide pharmacy services are readily available

Standard 2: Equipment and facilities are fit for purpose

Standard 3: Protection of patients dignity and privacy

Take a look at our video and download our resources to understand how to comply with Principle 5 and the evidence inspectors may require you to demonstrate compliance.