Vaccination services

Vaccination services

To deliver vaccinations you must be trained and competent in vaccine delivery. You can purchase face-to-face vaccination training via ECG and online refresher courses. You also need the legal authority to administer vaccines, such as being an IP or using PGDs/eTool with integrated PGDs.

ECG Training

ECG also offers other online courses such as:

  • Basic life support
  • Injection and needle phobia

You can purchase paper PGDs from ECG for vaccine services, click here to find out more.


You can support your vaccination services with a range of packages from Pharmadoctor, these can include the Pharmadoctor eTool to take you through the consultation and keep records of vaccines administered.

You can also access clinical support via a dedicated telephone line, have a listing for your pharmacy on and use Pharmadoctor marketing materials.

For details about the packages available, click here.

Click here  for information for NPA members to purchase via Pharmadoctor. You will need your NPA member number to log in.