Essential SOPs – FMD versions

The Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) came into force on the 9 February 2019.

To support you, in preparing for implementation, FMD-updated SOPs are now available.

Essential SOPs – non-FMD (ZIP file)

The Essential SOPs – non-FMD are available to all NPA members and relevant to all UK home countries (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), unless stated otherwise.

Our portfolio of template Essential SOPs – non-FMD can be found in categories across this page, or alternatively downloaded together in a ZIP file.

Supporting Documents

For use in conjunction with each individual SOP. The ‘delegation of responsibilities’ resource helps delegate tasks to appropriately trained members of the pharmacy team, and the ‘pharmacy team declaration’ resource is signed by staff to declare that they have read and understood each relevant SOP.


A collection of template SOPs available to support pharmacy teams in the dispensing process – this includes repeat dispensing, dealing with owings, ordering and disposal of pharmacy stock.

Pharmacy Practice

A range of template SOPs addressing pharmacy processes and services, including prescription submission, stock date checking and the sale of medicines.

Patient Safety

This portfolio of template SOPs are intended to address patient safety in a community pharmacy setting, including delivering pharmacy items, safeguarding and monitored dosage systems (MDS).

Controlled Drugs (CDs)

A range of template SOPs covering pharmacy processes when encountering CDs, including dispensing, disposal and delivery of CDs.

Responsible Pharmacist (RP)

A collection of template SOPs for use by the RP, including assuming the role and operation in the absence of an RP.


Template SOPs considering Advanced Services (England), such as the NMS and NUMSAS, and Pharmacy First (Northern Ireland)

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) (England)

A collection of template SOPs covering processes involved when using the EPS system, including EPS nomination and submission.

Monitored Dosage Systems

A suite of patient safety resources to support pharmacy teams who supply medicines in monitored dosage systems (MDS).

Accessible Information Standard SOP

This SOP sets out the process for identifying and recording patient’s communication needs under the Accessible Information Standard (AIS) – ENGLAND ONLY

Summary Care Record SOP

This SOP sets out the process for accessing Summary Care Records (SCR) – ENGLAND ONLY