NPA New Medicine Service (NMS) Pack

A new all-in-one resource to help deliver the service

The NPA recognises that the NMS remains a highly valued service offered by pharmacy contractors to patients in the community. Individuals are able to get the best advice on their newly prescribed medicine and help manage their long term condition.

The newly launched NPA NMS Pack is an all-in-one resource pack to assist members in delivering the NMS to patients.

The pack contains:

  • Service overview
  • New style Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
  • Lifestyle advice crib sheet to help encourage patients on health choices
  • Crib sheets for all 16 eligible conditions to assist pharmacy teams in counselling patients on their new/existing long term condition
  • Self-care and signposting directory for telephone advice lines and support for patients
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

The pack can be downloaded as a complete resource or as individual resources as positioned in the tiles below.

NMS - Service Overview

Highlights background information, requirements, and information on service provision


The NPA NMS template SOP is now available

NHS New Medicine Service (NMS) - Advanced Service Specification

Advanced service specification published by NHSBSA

Lifestyle advice crib sheet

Advice for patients on healthy lifestyle choices

Condition crib sheets

Access to all 16 conditions available to download individually

Self-care and signposting directory

Telephone advice lines and support for patients


Frequently asked questions on the NMS

Red Flag Factsheets

The NPA has developed the following red flag factsheets to support pharmacy teams

Patient Record Form

Download the patient consent, intervention and follow-up form here