Getting Trained

The following training is available for weight management and obesity.


  1. Training for private weight management services
  2. Educational material about obesity
  3. Training required to meet criteria for PQS Domain 7 (England only)
  4. NHS digital weight management programme (England)

1) Training for private weight management services

ECG, the NPA’s vaccination training provider, deliver medicated weight management training as either a webinar or e-learning. This training is designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to treat patients with obesity and prescribe medication for the purposes of weight management.

Novo Nordisk has provided sponsorship to ECG to cover the cost of the weight management course fee for each attendee. Novo Nordisk has had no influence over the training materials used on the course and has reviewed the material for medical and factual accuracy only.


For further information and to book your FREE training please visit:

ECG Training

Please note – this training is suitable for registered pharmacists only.

On receipt of your PGD you will also be contacted by a business development manager at Novo Nordisk, who will provide you with additional resources to support you in delivering a weight management service in your pharmacy. These include:

  • Demonstration Saxenda® devices
  • Injection pads
  • Pharmacist support pack
  • Patient support pack
  • Patient journal
  • Saxenda® leave piece

2) Educational material about obesity

Novo Nordisk have created training resources for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and patients, which aim to educate and raise awareness about obesity. Please note that these guides are for all HCPs so there will be some elements of the material that may not reflect your practice e.g. equipment required to carry out such services will vary in different clinical settings. In such cases, please refer to the Setting up a weight management servicesection of the hub or attend the free ECG weight medicated weight management training. Always follow the guidance associated with your PGD and local standard operating procedures.


The training guides for UK healthcare professionals include:

Rethinking obesity education – The educational booklet provides a background for the discussion guide “Rethinking your obesity discussions”, which provides specific talking points and questions that can be used in consultation with patients. These include models such as the 5A’s of obesity counselling and strategies for motivational interviewing. Download here

Rethinking your obesity discussions – This guide has been developed to aid HCPs to facilitate discussions regarding weight management. It provides guidance on how to initiate conversations about obesity, the importance of understanding an individual’s weight history and behavioural goal setting. Download here

Rethinking Obesity – This disease awareness guide has been produced to assist HCPs who are establishing weight management services either as part of their clinical services or when conducting a service using a Patient Group Direction (PGD). Download here

You can also order a free support pack to be sent to your pharmacy which includes these training guides and patient leaflets.


3) Training required to meet criteria for PQS Domain 7 (England only)

1. PHE All Our Health bitesize training and assessment on adult obesity (for all non-registered patient-facing staff who provide health advice)

2. PHE All Our Health bitesize training and assessment for childhood obesity (for all non-registered patient-facing staff who provide health advice)

3. CPPE weight management for adults: understanding the management of obesity e-learning (for all registered healthcare professionals) – E-learning and Assessment

You may use the NPA Domain 7 Healthy Living support checklist to track the training and other criteria for this domain, which can be found here:

NPA Domain 7 Healthy living support checklist


4) NHS Digital Weight Management programme (England)

Pharmacy teams must also have targeted conversations with patients regarding healthy weight and refer eligible patients to the NHS Digital Weight Management programme and/or Local Authority funded tier 2 weight management services. Further information about this can be found at the following two NHS England links:

Information for healthcare professionals

Information for community pharmacies

There is also a video available here that explains how members of the pharmacy team can refer people to the NHS Digital Weight Management programme.

There are no contractual weight management services, pharmacy training or referral requirements in Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Any future developments will be added here.


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