As a pharmacy owner, you’ll be able to log into the Hub from the NPA website, and access thousands of articles and expert content including clinical, practice and business management. You can then invite your staff to join so they can begin their online learning log.

Here are some of the benefits for you as a pharmacy owner:

  • The learning log is transferable throughout your pharmacy career for both yourself and your staff
  • The CPD Hub allows for the personalisation of CPD learning, which means less time searching and more time spent reading relevant learning materials
  • OTC learning is available to all members of staff. The material also covers common issues such as oral health, smoking cessation and reducing dispensing errors
  • You’ll be able to monitor your staff’s development via your dashboard and identify any areas of further development
  • Better patient service as your staff will be confident in talking to patients in their specialised areas
  • The CPD Hub has links with organisations that focus on training such as CPPE, giving access to even more material from one source

Top tips for recording CPD

Learn how to comply with GPhC requirements.

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Staff access the CPD Hub