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Course programme for 2021-2022

The NPA’s Foundation training programme focuses on the GPhC assessment syllabus and performance standards. We've added some new elements to the programme for 2021.

NEW for 2021.......

At a glance you can see the new additions to this year's programme as well as a reminder of the key features of the NPA's training

Foundation training programme enrolment form

Enrolments are open for the 2021-22 training programme.

Foundation training brochure

Our brochure covers the key features, learning schedule, programme delivery and student testimonials. It also highlights what's new for 2021..

Blended learning

Includes interactive face-to-face and virtual study days, intuitive eLearning platform, webinars, OSCEs, case studies, GPhC exam style questions and more....

Additional resources to support trainee pharmacists

The NPA has made available additional training resources for our members to support their trainee pharmacist even if they are not students on the NPA's foundation programme.

Free Designated supervisor training programme

An online training programme on the NPA Learnig Academy that is suitable for all designated supervisors of trainee pharmacists whether new to tutoring or just needing a refresher.

Mock Exam

The mock assessment is designed to fully prepare students so they can be confident and competent in their exam technique and so increase their chances of passing the GPhC registration assessment.