The medicines in care homes pack has been designed to assist pharmacists providing training to care home staff. The training can be used as an introduction to medicines for new care home staff or as a refresher for existing care home staff. Care home staff may also find that some of the training undertaken during the sessions can contribute towards their portfolio of evidence for the qualifications they are undertaking to work in the care home.


  • Pharmacists develop knowledge and confidence to deliver training to care home employees.
  • Residential or nursing home care staff increase competency skills.
  • Training undertaken can contribute towards portfolio of evidence for qualifications being studied to work in the care home.
  • The training modules can be delivered in a flexible manner to suit requirements.


Pharmacists wishing to train care home staff.


The pack provided consists of a pharmacist manual to enable pharmacists to deliver the training, six workbooks and six certificates (issued to care home staff upon completion of the training course). Each care staff workbook is divided into five sessions that consist of various activities (to consolidate learning) and multiple choice questions at the end of each module. The five sessions can be delivered in a flexible manner to suit the requirements of the care home and cover the following:

  • Session 1 – Introduction to medicines and their use
  • Session 2 – Administration of medicines
  • Session 3 – Managing medicines
  • Session 4 – Monitoring residents and supporting medicine use
  • Session 5 – Elderly health

The pharmacist manual covers:

  • Information on running interactive training sessions tailored for individual care homes
  • Guidance notes on providing training
  • Background on how people learn
  • Additional suggestions and tips on how to carry out the training
  • Provides information about new regulating bodies


Pharmacists can conduct the sessions in a one day session or various separate sessions to suit the requirements of the care home.

Workbooks for care home staff being trained include multiple choice questions at the end of each module. These can be completed during the sessions or at a later date.

Upon completion of the modules, pharmacists can provide the care home staff with the certificate of completion included within the pack.

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Certification from the NPA.


3 - 12 months

Start Date

Applications accepted throughout the year

Course Fee

Full pack: manual, workbooks and certificates

£39.99 + VAT

£59.99 + VAT

6 additional workbooks

£19.99 + VAT

£29.99 + VAT