Leadership is an art of encouraging a team of people to work towards achieving a common goal. When led correctly, a team can be steered to achieving results. Effective leadership is extremely important in pharmacy. Developing leadership behaviours is a crucial component for pharmacy professionals, so that they can contribute to the effective running and future focuses of the pharmacy that they work within.

Pharmacy professionals play a fundamental role as leaders in making decisions to reduce patient safety risks/incidents, optimise medicines management and align/signpost healthcare services.  The training encourages innovative thinking for developing and managing people. It encourages the participant to identify key skills of each team member in order to bring out the best in them and achieve results.

This training ultimately enhances patient care and outcomes by strengthening leadership skills of pharmacy professionals.

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Participants will be sent an e-certificate stating that they have completed the NPA Leadership Training course on successfully completion of the course. This certificate can be counted towards continuing professional development (CPD).

I enjoyed the training as it is a large topic but was broken down into manageable sections making it easy and quick to learn. As a trainee pharmacist it will help me to recognise the different personalities working in a team and hopefully I'll be able to manage and motivate colleagues leading to a positive team atmosphere.

Patricia, Trainee Pharmacist


Leadership training can be undertaken by any member of staff, or pharmacy undergraduates and trainee pharmacists, and will contribute towards continuing professional development (CPD). This training is particularly beneficial to newly qualified pharmacists, who need an introduction to strengthening their role as an evolving leader.

This training is also suitable for anyone with management or supervisory responsibilities as this will strengthen their skills further to continue working as an effective leader. The training is suitable nationally as it focuses on enhancing leadership behaviours and the content is not area specific.


The leadership training is delivered as a webinar. A workbook will be provided to make the session engaging with activities to complete, including visiting some case studies. The end of the course will be marked by the completion of a multiple-choice quiz. The session will cover areas such as:

  • Understanding what leadership is and how good leadership benefits the pharmacy
  • Understanding the responsibilities as a leader and why leadership is important
  • Learning how to understand team members so that you can make best use of their skills and improve services
  • Learning how to create an environment that supports and mentors team members
  • Communication skills
  • How to give feedback
  • Looking at leadership theories, models and leadership styles


Participants will complete a workbook during the webinar, followed by an assessment in the form of a multiple choice quiz (MCQ). 70% is the required pass mark for this MCQ.

If you require further information on this training click here to watch a bite-sized introductory video.


Participants will be sent an e-certificate after completion of the webinar training which can be used as evidence for completing the course.


2 hours

Start Date

Participants can enrol onto the webinar at any time.

Members benefit from 10% cashback on this course.

Course Fee

Webinar including workbook PDF

£70 + VAT