This course provides pharmacy undergraduate students undertaking placements or employment in community pharmacies with essential knowledge and skills in relation to:

  • Practice
  • University exams
  • Foundation training
  • Obtaining a foundation training placement (including Oriel)


After completing this course, students will be more confident and prepared for: work on the medicines counter and in the dispensary, both as an undergraduate and trainee pharmacist, applying for foundation training placements, and undergoing university exams.

Having a competent pharmacy undergraduate student also aids in the safe and effective operation of the pharmacy.


Pharmacy undergraduate students working in pharmacies, whether this is during summer holidays or as a part time/weekend employee.


This modular learning programme is divided into three parts which can either be completed in a single placement or spread over multiple placements, dependent on the individual requirements of the undergraduate student and the pharmacy.

The structure of this course is as follows:

  • Module 1: Pharmacy practice skills
  • Module 2: Pharmacy practice knowledge
  • Module 3: Pharmacy job application skills


At the end of modules 1 and 2 there will be a multiple choice assessment to test your knowledge on the content you have covered. Module 3 also contains helpful information on multiple mini interviews, situational judgement tests and numeracy tests.

The supervising pharmacist/tutor will support the student throughout the course, review their answers, mark their assessments and provide constructive feedback.


e-Certification from the NPA.


Minimum 8 weeks

Start Date

Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Course Fee


£125 +VAT

£187.50 +VAT