NPA/Skills 4 Pharmacy Apprenticeship

The NPA is pleased to partner with Skills 4 Pharmacy to offer Level 2 and Level 3 pharmacy apprenticeships to NPA members in England. The NPA will refer its members who are interested in an apprenticeship to Skills 4 Pharmacy who will deliver the apprenticeships.

The new apprenticeship package:

  • will provide a dedicated point of contact at Skills 4 Pharmacy
  • is an excellent opportunity to enhance your pharmacy team with minimal cost
  • is designed to upskill your existing team and support them with their professional development
  • enables new members to join and strengthen your team

  • Contraceptives
  • Menopause
  • Reproductive health
  • Emergency contraception


  • Oral contraceptives
  • UTI
  • Period Delay
  • Period Pain

Women’s health related services

Purchasing PGDs & Digital
Service Delivery Platforms

Women’s Health Training

1) Bitesize training modules on women’s health

These short training modules can support pharmacists and pharmacy team members to refresh their knowledge or learn about women’s health topics.

Access Contraceptives Training
Access Menopause Training
Access Reproductive Health Training
Access Healthy Lifestyle Training
Access Emergency Contraception Training

2) Educational material about Menopause

Theramex, is a dedicated women’s health company, who provide a range of therapies for women’s health. Theramex has educational material on Menopause and HRT on the following hubs:

Theramex Menopause Hub
Theramex HRT Hub

3) Further training

NICE – see Clinical guideline [NG23] Menopause: diagnosis and management
NICE CKS – see the following topics:

CPPE Menopause elearning

WCPPE Menopause elearning

Northern Ireland
NICPLD Women’s health e learning modules

Scotland – NHS Education Scotland
Sexual Health for Community Pharmacy : Emergency Contraception (EC)
Sexual Health for Community Pharmacy : Bridging Contraception (BC)
Menopause and its impact on Women’s Health

Women’s Health Related Services

Women’s health is very broad and encompasses a range of different health concerns but also a range of different ages.

Source: DoHSC Women’s health strategy for England 2022

If you are looking to expand your service offering to women in your area, think about NHS and private services that may be applicable. The following private services may be considered:

  • PGD for period pain management – this would enable the supply of Naproxen 250mg tablets, where suitable
  • PGD for delaying periods – this would enable the supply of norethisterone 5mg tablets, where suitable

Visit our PGD purchase page to access PGDs from our trusted partners ECG or Pharmadoctor.

NHS services

There are a number of NHS services associated with women’s health. Find out more information on each of these below:




Northern Ireland

Further NPA support

For further NPA support, including SOPs for associated NHS services, service specifications and other advice in England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland, visit the NPA’s NHS Service hub

Purchasing PGDs

The NPA’s business partners, Pharmadoctor and ECG, offer hay fever services/PGDs. The Pharmadoctor hay fever service can also be purchased as part of the Seasonal Health Package.

The Pharmadoctor hay fever service package that authorises pharmacists to supply the following, allergy related medication, under a PGD:

  • Fluticasone propionate, azelastine hydrochloride (Dymista®) 137 micrograms / 50 micrograms per actuation nasal spray
  • Azelastine hydrochloride (Rhinolast®) 0.1% w/v nasal spray
  • Beclometasone dipropionate (Beconase®) Aqueous Nasal Spray
  • Mometasone furoate 50mcg per actuation (Nasonex®)

This service package also includes marketing materials for you to promote the service.

To purchase from Pharmadoctor and obtain your 10% NPA member discount on service packages, please click here for more information.

The ECG paper hay fever PGD authorises the supply of Fexofenadine and/or Dymista

To purchase from ECG training, please click here. Prices are already discounted for NPA members, under the ‘members’ section

Marketing Material

To achieve a successful and profitable service, it is important that you promote your service to patients/customers well. This can be through engagement of customers by staff during transactions or health promotion campaigns. Visual engagement through posters, leaflets, pharmacy tv screen displays and website banners also play an important part in promotion of the service. To support with this, you can download the following posters and social media posts:

Social media posts (Click on images for larger preview to download):

Protect yourself against FLU
Protect yourself against FLU
Protect yourself against FLU
Protect yourself against FLU
Protect yourself against FLU

Posters (print ready):

A range of marketing materials are also available via our business partners, Pharmadoctor , if you are using its Flu eTool. This includes a posters and videos. You can also grow your online presence and reach a wider audience through our trusted partner Pharmacy Mentor.

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