Covid-19: Business support and guidance

Additional government resources to support your business during coronavirus disruptions, including past webinars are available through this link.


Business Continuity Plan:

Latest Continuity Pharmacy Services Plan

Latest recovery strategy:  Plan to rebuild – recovery strategy (


Financial Measures:

Financial Measures Available to Community Pharmacy during COVID-19

HMRC update

Government guidance


Businesses and Employers Bulletin

Businesses and Employers Bulletin 5 August 2020 

Businesses and Employers Bulletin 8 July 2020 

Businesses and Employers Bulletin 8 June 2020


Job Retention:

HM Revenue & Customs – Employer support live webinar

Updated: Information to the job retention scheme


Staff ID cards:

New: Pharmacy Staff ID Cards to identify yourselves as key workers during the COVID-19 pandemic 


The Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy:

Read information for employers and businesses on COVID-19.


Medicines prices:

NPA message about medicines prices:

  • The vast majority of pharmacies across the country are acting responsibly & professionally and doing their utmost for patients & customers.
  • Isolated incidents of unjustifiable price rises mustn’t be allowed to obscure the fact that pharmacists up & down the land are providing an heroic service on the health service frontline.
  • Wholesale prices fluctuate on a wide range of medicines and other supplies, and sometimes pharmacies have no option other than to pass the cost onto customers.
  • It’s important that no-one in the supply chain, including pharmacies, breaches good faith with their customers by introducing unjustifiable mark-ups.

We’d like to thank all our members for their feedback regarding price fluctuations on medicines and products during this difficult time. You may be interested to read the guidance from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)


Pro Delivery Manager:

Using PDM with shielded patients


Further reading from :

Guidance for employers and businesses:

COVID-19 Action Plan – This a public guide to the Government’s enhanced plans to tackle the virus outbreak in this country.

As countries respond to the COVID-19 pandemic the Foreign and Commonwealth Office advises against all but essential travel

Department for Business Energy and Industrial strategy

Guidance from the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA)