Past Webinar Events


Preparing for FMD – 3 weeks to go – webinar
Slides from the webinar can be downloaded here



Get ready for FMD – Latest guidance and options for your pharmacy – webinar

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) – webinar
Slides from the GDPR and DPO webinar can be downloaded here

The impact of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) on NPA members – webinar
Slides from the FMD webinar can be downloaded here

Important requirements to recording CPD going forward – webinar
Slides from the Revalidation webinar can be downloaded here



Pro Delivery Manager – a new way of tracking deliveries – webinar

How to meet the patient safety report criteria for the November quality payments review point – webinar
Slides from Patient Safety Webinar download here

HR & Employment Law myth busters – webinar

6 techniques to manage a difficult team member – webinar

Summary Care Records: Breaking down the barriers – webinar

Managing the Media – practical training for pharmacists – webinar

Top tips for increasing productivity in your pharmacy – webinar

NPA legal challenge to pharmacy funding cuts: the outline case – webinar

Managing Pharmacy Employees and Social Media: 7 key risks – webinar

Top tips for increasing productivity in your pharmacy – webinar

Improving GP and Community Pharmacy relations – webinar

Healthy Living Pharmacy: achieving level 1 status – webinar

Superintendent Pharmacists and Responsible Pharmacists – getting the balance right (pre-consultation update) – webinar

Healthcare Together – webinar



Practical solutions for achieving quality criteria and improving your business (England) – webinar

A more detailed look at Social Media – webinar

DoH announcement on community pharmacy funding  in England – webinar

DoH announcement on community pharmacy funding in England – Slides

Summary Care Records – Part2 – Privacy and Liability – webinar

Summary Care Records – Part 1 – Getting started and using efficiently – webinar (hosted by PSNC)

Social Media Basics and preparations for Ask Your Pharmacist week – webinar

CheckRx – webinar (England)

Patient safety & dispensing incidents and learnings – webinar

Optimise income from the Drug Tariff – webinar (England & Wales)

Act now to shape your team for the future – webinar

Using Check34 as a management tool – webinar (England)

NPA Conference 8 May presentation slides

Cuts and “Efficiencies” – The Facts – webinar (England)

Implications of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive – webinar

Hub and Spoke – results and an update – webinar

Learn how PHE’s new adult health campaign can help you engage with customers – webinar (England)

Webinar: Cuts and ‘efficiencies’ in community pharmacy: what exactly do the Government’s proposals mean? – webinar (England)



Competition law and how it affects you – webinar (member only)

Top tips for GPhC inspections – webinar

Motivating and retaining (the right) staff – webinar (member only)

Flu vaccinations: how to make a success of the new service – webinar (England)

Common dispensing errors and how to avoid – webinar

EPS – Can you cope with the transformation? – webinar (England)

Driving Business Growth – webinar