Past Webinar Events


Latest: Are you prepared for the UK’s exit from the EU? – webinar (Originally aired on 3rd December)

Community Pharmacy COVID-19 vaccination programme 2020/21 by Jasmine Shah, NPA Head of Advice and Support Services and Medication Safety Officer. (Originally aired on 1st December – On 2/12/2020, a vaccine has been approved – read further details here)

Minor Ailments – webinar (Originally aired 24 November)

Unlocking hidden cash in your pharmacy – webinar with NPA Business Partner Catax (Originally aired 17th November)

NPA Winter Conference 2020 – all session available to watch on-demand (Originally aired 9th to 11th November)

Member Forum for members in Northern Ireland – webinar (Originally aired 4th November)

NPA/Qube Pharmacy retail apprenticeship – webinar (Originally aired 21st October)

Using data to enhance patient interactions and grow your profit margins – Pharmacy Show webinar (originally aired 29th September)

Vaccination services during COVID-19 pandemic – webinar for members in Northern Ireland (originally aired 22nd September)

Delivering the Community Pharmacy Seasonal Influenza Vaccination Advanced Service 2020/21 (England) – Webinar (Originally aired 15th September)

Review of impacts of current funding, policy and economic environment on independent pharmacy in England – undertaken by EY (Ernst & Young) – Webinar (Originally aired on 4th September)

Implementing Flu and other vaccination services 2020/21 – Webinar (Originally aired on 20th August)

Recording of presentation on using Pro Delivery Manager with volunteer delivery service in Northern Ireland now available. (Originally aired on 28th July). The password for this webinar is Rm0t%q=b

Early reactions and implications of the Wright review for independent contractors – webinar (Originally aired on 6th June)

Community Pharmacy Employment Advice and Q&A – webinar (Originally aired on 5th May)

Handling deliveries and continuity of services in response to COVID-19 – webinar (Originally aired on 8th April)

COVID-19 update on key hot topics – webinar (Originally aired on 2nd April)

Urgent COVID-19 business continuity – webinar (Originally aired on 19th March)

The review of PSNC and LPCs – the independent sector perspective – webinar

Recommended Business Partner Hutchings – How to plan for a successful pharmacy sale

January Member Forum – webinar 


Preparing to deliver the CPCS with a focus on the emergency supply regulations – webinar

Contract and Funding Series: You, me and the new funding agreement: What the Community Pharmacy Contractual Framework means to you – [Webinar 5]

Digital Marketing for Pharmacies – webinar

NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (formerly known as DMIRS): a golden opportunity for your pharmacy? – webinar

FAQs can be downloaded here

Contract and Funding Series: Running a successful pharmacy business – hear it from the financial experts – [Webinar 4]

Navigating the future: Primary Care Integration and Innovation – webinar

Contract and Funding Series: Understanding shortages/price concessions and how to maximise procurement – [Webinar 3]

Contract and Funding Series: Why am I not making enough margin? Understanding margin delivery – [Webinar 2]

Member update from CEO and Chairman – webinar

Contract and Funding Series: Understanding the Global Sum – Community Pharmacy funding overview – [Webinar 1]

Policy and Practice Forum – Brexit special – webinar

GPhC new style inspection regime – webinar
Slides from the webinar can be downloaded here

Preparing for FMD – 3 weeks to go – webinar
Slides from the webinar can be downloaded here



Get ready for FMD – Latest guidance and options for your pharmacy – webinar

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Officer (DPO) – webinar
Slides from the GDPR and DPO webinar can be downloaded here

The impact of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) on NPA members – webinar
Slides from the FMD webinar can be downloaded here

Important requirements to recording CPD going forward – webinar
Slides from the Revalidation webinar can be downloaded here



Pro Delivery Manager – a new way of tracking deliveries – webinar

How to meet the patient safety report criteria for the November quality payments review point – webinar
Slides from Patient Safety Webinar download here

HR & Employment Law myth busters – webinar

6 techniques to manage a difficult team member – webinar

Summary Care Records: Breaking down the barriers – webinar

Managing the Media – practical training for pharmacists – webinar

Top tips for increasing productivity in your pharmacy – webinar

NPA legal challenge to pharmacy funding cuts: the outline case – webinar

Managing Pharmacy Employees and Social Media: 7 key risks – webinar

Top tips for increasing productivity in your pharmacy – webinar

Improving GP and Community Pharmacy relations – webinar

Healthy Living Pharmacy: achieving level 1 status – webinar

Superintendent Pharmacists and Responsible Pharmacists – getting the balance right (pre-consultation update) – webinar

Healthcare Together – webinar



Practical solutions for achieving quality criteria and improving your business (England) – webinar

A more detailed look at Social Media – webinar

DoH announcement on community pharmacy funding  in England – webinar

DoH announcement on community pharmacy funding in England – Slides

Summary Care Records – Part2 – Privacy and Liability – webinar

Summary Care Records – Part 1 – Getting started and using efficiently – webinar (hosted by PSNC)

Social Media Basics and preparations for Ask Your Pharmacist week – webinar

CheckRx – webinar (England)

Patient safety & dispensing incidents and learnings – webinar

Optimise income from the Drug Tariff – webinar (England & Wales)

Act now to shape your team for the future – webinar

Using Check34 as a management tool – webinar (England)

NPA Conference 8 May presentation slides

Cuts and “Efficiencies” – The Facts – webinar (England)

Implications of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive – webinar

Hub and Spoke – results and an update – webinar

Learn how PHE’s new adult health campaign can help you engage with customers – webinar (England)

Webinar: Cuts and ‘efficiencies’ in community pharmacy: what exactly do the Government’s proposals mean? – webinar (England)



Competition law and how it affects you – webinar (member only)

Top tips for GPhC inspections – webinar

Motivating and retaining (the right) staff – webinar (member only)

Flu vaccinations: how to make a success of the new service – webinar (England)

Common dispensing errors and how to avoid – webinar

EPS – Can you cope with the transformation? – webinar (England)

Driving Business Growth – webinar