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Business support and guidance


New: Guidance issued on shielding employees returning to work

Government guidance: Enjoy summer safely

HSCB has asked pharmacies to register their interest in using PDM by Friday 24 April.  If you have any questions about the use of PDM to support the volunteer delivery service please contact a.mcalister@npa.co.uk, 07538192839.Pro Delivery Manager Support for the CDHN/HSCB Volunteer Delivery Service:
We welcome the support that HSCB are providing to the volunteer delivery service by commissioning the provision of Pro Delivery Manager (PDM) for each community pharmacy wishing to participate in the service.  Using PDM will provide pharmacists with a robust audit trail and improved governance in making deliveries.  The software and app will assist with delivery route scheduling and provides an electronic proof of accurate delivery. Pharmacies and volunteers will be provided with a  step by step guide to set up the service with additional access to email and phone line support.We appreciate this is a worrying time for the public especially our most vulnerable citizens who may be isolated, without social networks and struggling to obtain supplies of their medication. Whilst patients should be encouraged to use existing social networks such as family/friends/neighbours there may be the need for vulnerable people, who have been advised to isolate, to call on the support of the volunteer delivery service set up between the Community Development Health Network and HSCB to access their medicines.

Checklist for community pharmacy when closing during a pandemic

HSCB Community pharmacy FAQ’s

Claim your small business grant



COVID-19: Access to tests for community pharmacy staff

Protecting you and your staff

New: Testing for Community Pharmacy Teams :

Testing for Community Pharmacy teams, a key ask of Government that the NPA has been making over recent weeks, has now been implemented.

The Department of Health is offering testing to community pharmacy staff who are self-isolating because of coronavirus-like symptoms. Testing will allow those currently unable to return to work because they or a member of their family or household have symptoms of coronavirus to know whether they do have the virus. There are currently two options available for COVID-19 testing for community pharmacy staff, or their household contacts. Testing can be arranged as follows:

– The GP of the symptomatic person may be contacted. The GP sends an electronic request to the relevant Trust who then contacts the patient/representative with details of the test date, time and location


 By phoning the Health and Social Care Board (028 95361053 or 028 95361010) to make an appointment for testing at the SSE arena, Belfast or City of Derry RFC. Appointments should be made the day before the test is required. Booking lines are open between 9.30-11.30 daily.

New: Return of patient’s medication – HSCB has confirmed that  Community pharmacies should continue to facilitate the return of patients’ medication including CDs as part of contracted core services.  If a pharmacy has individual queries regarding return of medication from a household where there has been a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patient, they are advised to contact their local HSCB Pharmacy Adviser.

Read the latest update: Update on obtaining further PPE supplies

Updated 24 April DoH/HSCB Community Pharmacy FAQs

Community Pharmacy Emergency Supply during a Pandemic Service

 SOP: Community Pharmacy emergency supply during a pandemic service


Department of Health

HSCB Community pharmacy staff protection checklist 

Checklist for protecting Community Pharmacy Staff

Letters for confirmation of key worker status

Department of Health – Community Pharmacy COVID-19 FAQ’s

HSC – COVID Emergency: Community Pharmacy situation report

Crime Prevention Guidance for Community Pharmacy in NI



PSNI – Approach to Fitness to Practice during COVID-19 crisis

PSNI – postponement of CPD submission

PSNI – Delayed pharmacist retention until 31 August 2020


Public Health Agency NI


Public Health Agency – Advice and posters on COVID-19