Specific Covid-19 news and resources for NPA Members in Scotland


Note: Please do also refer to UK-wide NPA guidance available here

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Regulatory guidance:

New: Updated HPS Advice for Primary Care (v11)

Scottish Gov – Letter to those patients at a higher risk from COVID-19


Business support and guidance:

COVID-19: additional financial support measures for community pharmacy contractors

Respond now: Scottish Parliament COVID Business Support Inquiry

Government statement on public holidays opening

Small business grant advice

Scottish Gov – COVID-19 helpline for Scottish businesses 

Download the coronavirus (COVID-19) communication toolkit (ZIP, 38 MB)

CPO video gives thanks to community pharmacy teams

Key worker template letters for use in Scotland

Scottish Gov – Additional pharmaceutical services extension of minor ailment service in response to COVID-19

Chief Pharmaceutical Officer 2nd Scottish Government letter to pharmacy contractors (24th March)

Community Pharmacy Scotland Chief Executive Officer daily video to the Scottish community pharmacy network


Clinical advice:

Ibuprofen and Covid-19  &  Scottish government advice

Medicines collection service for shielding individuals



Pharmacies in Scotland have received two boxes of surgical masks to be used when social distancing cannot be maintained. To replenish stock, pharmacy contractors can phone orders of 2×50 masks to the NHS PPE replenishment number provided by NHS mail earlier this week. There is a two day delivery service.  If you do not have the order phone line, please request by emailing enquiries@cps.scot

Health Protection Scotland have provided guidance on PPE within Guidance for primary care to Version 11 and a useful training video on the correct procedure for wearing PPE at Donning and doffing of PPE video  Disposal of used PPE is detailed in page 16 of Guidance for primary care to Version 11 as if there is no direct immediate access to clinical waste, then used masks should be double wrapped in tied disposable plastic bags and retained separately for 72 hours before adding to domestic waste.

CPO letter on personal protective equipment

Read the latest update: Update on obtaining further PPE supplies



Covid-19 testing to enable key workers to return to work. Details available on the NHS Board section of the CPS COVID homepage

COVID-19: Access to tests for community pharmacy staff


Wellbeing resources:

New National Wellbeing Hub launched-Employee and employer support

A new platform for health and social care workers and carers to support their physical and mental health is now available in Scotland.

Launched on 11th May by Scottish Government, the new digital wellbeing hub enables staff, carers, volunteers and their families to access support designed to aid resilience with the impact of COVID-19. The National Wellbeing Hub has resources split to employee and employer roles with content including management and coaching, building teams, and practical and emotional support.

Looking after yourself : supporting resilience and wellbeing in health and social care workers.

Looking after people : providing psychosocial support to patients and the public using Psychological First Aid.

Looking after your staff : Responding to distress in frontline health-workers, advice for managers and organisations supporting health and social care workers.

Clare Haughey, Minister for Mental health’s statement to staff.



National Education for Scotland (NES) FAQs for pre-regs with regard to Covid-19



NHS Scotland Posters for use in pharmacies stop-think and We need your help


Health Protection Scotland

Health Protection Scotland – COVID-19 guidance for pharmacies

Health Protection Scotland – COVID-19 guidance for primary care

Health Protection Scotland – COVID-19 Information and Guidance for non-healthcare settings