Below you can see the different PGDs, read what is covered in the training sessions, as well as view a list of the PGDs contained in the Flu packages. To view the member and non-member pricing for these packages, click here.

Flu PGD packages:

  • Flu Full face-to-face (F2F) training session (3.5 hours) – choose between inclusive eTool PGD OR  paying a fee for paper PGD

N.B. The above two options include practical F2F training, online modules and certificate & PGD. For a preview of the Flu eTool, please click on this link.

  • Flu Refresher training – choose between inclusive eTool PGD OR  paying a fee for paper PGD

N.B. The above two options include online modules and certificate & PGD.

  • Flu PGD only – choose between paying for the eTool OR paper PGD – there is no training included with this PGD and conditions apply.

N.B.  This does not provide any structured training to support and update professional practice for immunisation and BLS techniques. Pharmacists will be required to complete a self-certification document online before purchase.

  • Flu Full face-to-face (F2F) training session (3.5 hours) for Technicians – NO PGD

N.B. The above option includes practical F2F training, online modules and certificate.

For Pharmacy technicians (and other vaccinators) wishing to undertake vaccination training, please view our dedicated page before purchasing training.

Practical training sessions:

The F2F practical training sessions are offered in a variety of locations around the UK.

Full (Flu/COVID-19 and Travel/COVID-19) Vaccination Training – 3.5 hours

This face-to-face course is designed and open to all healthcare professionals including those new to vaccinations (although it can be used a refresher). On this course, ECG will cover all practical skills required to vaccinate adults and children over the age of 2. As well as attending this 3.5hr course, participants will have access to ECG’s online theory course which includes seasonal influenza and COVID specific vaccination information. The trainer will cover IM & SC injections, reconstitution of vaccines, multi-dose vial injections, intranasal vaccination, CPR, anaphylaxis and adrenaline for children and adults.

If you are unsure on the training that you are required to undertake in 2022, please view our flowcharts on our training recommendations page.

List of PGDs:

The table below shows the PGDs/medicines contained in the Flu PGD packages:

PGD Medicines
Flu Vaccination package: Fluenz Tetra nasal spray
FluarixTM Tetra
Quadrivalent Influenza vaccine
Quadrivalent Influvac sub-unit Tetra
Quadrivalent Influenza vaccine Tetra MYL
Flucelvax Tetra
Trivalent Influenza Vaccine, High-Dose

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