Flu packages

ECG Flu vaccination training packages booked via the NPA with ECG include a free paper flu PGD provided by ECG.

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ECG Flu face-to-face training session (3.5 hours and online course)

This face-to-face course is open to all pharmacists including both those new to vaccinations as well as those requiring a refresher. It can also be used a refresher or for those who have had a break from vaccinating.

It will cover all practical skills required to vaccinate adults and children over the age of two.

Participants will also need to complete ECG’s online theory course.

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Deliver intramuscular and subcutaneous injections into the deltoid and thigh
  • Reconstitute vaccines
  • Draw up multi dose vial injections
  • Deliver intranasal vaccination
  • Provide CPR
  • Recognise and treat anaphylaxis with the use of adrenaline for children and adults.

A paper flu PGD is included (for private service only).

Prices (ex VAT): Member £98.00 / Non-member £109.00

ECG online flu refresher training

The package includes online modules with an assessment and certificate and a paper flu PGD.

Prices (ex VAT):  Member £18.75 / Non-member £20.83

ECG Flu face-to-face training (3.5 hours and online course) for pharmacy technicians/trainee pharmacists

Technicians and trainee pharmacists can attend the full vaccination training, but there is NO PGD with this package, as pharmacy technicians and trainee pharmacists cannot supply or administer medicines under a PGD.*

Prices (ex VAT): Member £98.00 / Non-member £109.00

For Pharmacy technicians (and other vaccinators) wishing to undertake vaccination training, please view our dedicated page before purchasing training.

*If changes to legislation are made to allow pharmacy technicians to administer flu vaccinations under a PGD, these will be issued by ECG retrospectively for the 2024-2025 season.

ECG flu PGD (paper)

You can purchase a flu PGD only from ECG. There is no structured training associated with this and you will need to self-certify competence.

Prices (ex VAT): Member £9.00 / Non-member £10.00

Pharmadoctor Flu service package

This includes access to the online consultation guidance and record keeping software (the Pharmadoctor eTool), clinical support, a listing on pharmadoctor.co.uk/patient and marketing materials.

eTools can only be used online, with a device connected to the internet.

Pharmadoctor do not offer practical vaccination training.

Click here  for information for NPA members to purchase via Pharmadoctor. You will need your NPA member number to log in.

Additional training:

Other online training courses such as Basic Life Support or injection and needle phobia can be purchased via ECG.

Pricing summary table

Package Member price (ex VAT) Non-member price (ex VAT)
Full flu face-to-face training including paper flu PGD £98.00 £109.00
Online flu refresher training including paper flu PGD £18.75 £20.83
Technician full flu face-to-face training including (NO PGD)



Paper flu PGD from ECG Training



Flu service package from Pharmadoctor 10% discount off advertised price on their website with discount code Advertised price on their website

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