Team preparation

These posters are designed to encourage conversations in the pharmacy to help achieve early diagnosis. To prepare yourself and your teams we encourage you to look at the Play Your Part and Factsheet sections in the NPA CancerHub where you can watch short animations and read about recognising suspected red flag cancer symptoms. Module 1 of Let’s Communicate Cancer also has comprehensive learning on red flag symptoms.

The campaign

November 2023: Genitourinary cancer represented by Prostate Cancer UK.

This will be represented by focussing on a poster from prostate cancer UK entitled: 1 in 8 men will get prostate cancer. If you click on the boxes below you can order the poster and complimentary resources to be sent to you free of charge or download the graphics.

A4 poster

1 in 8 men A4 poster


Diet, physical activity and your risk of prostate cancer booklet


Know your prostate: A guide to common prostate problems booklet

Wallet cards

Display box - Know your prostate: a quick guide wallet cards

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