There are many roles within a pharmacy team but every team member provides a vital service to patients and the public. Therefore it is important to emphasise the correct culture and processes within the pharmacy to deliver safe and effective care to your community.

Both registered pharmacy professionals and all unregistered staff, should provide expert care which includes your drivers. Your drivers are the face of your pharmacy brand and reputation so make sure you have provided them with, support, education, awareness and knowledge when they are out on the road.

Did you know the NPA have a range of services and recommended Business Partners that can help you?

NPA Services

Delivering Medicines Safely and Effectively

This course is accredited by the GPhC as meeting its requirements for the safe delivery of prescribed medicines.

It provides staff with critical knowledge to ensure the safety of patients and reduce the risk of errors.

The course is suitable for any staff member who collects prescriptions and delivers medicines to patients.

NPA Member benefit:

As well as covering the rules and regulations, the course will also aid development of soft skills for building relationships with GP’s and managers. The course helps to enhance customer service to housebound patients, increase job satisfaction of your extended team and provides evidence of staff competency. Course materials provided can be used as a reference source when supporting patients.

Find out more about Delivering Medicines Safely and Effectively here.

Pro Delivery Manager

Pro Delivery Manager is designed for small/medium sized businesses who run their own delivery service for an established customer base.

It enables the business to improve the efficiency of their local delivery service through various factors, including more effective route planning for delivery drivers, providing cost savings and enhanced customer relations.

NPA Member benefit:

Sign up for an exclusive trial and get 3 months instead of 1 – completely free of charge!

Find out more about Pro Delivery Manager here.

NPA Insurance

If you’re looking for insurance for your commercial vehicles then NPAI have got you covered.

We offer competitively priced policies covering you for commercial deliveries including:

  • Covering repair for your vehicle
  • Liability cover for public and property damage
  • Options for named driver or any driver (subject to age limits)
  • Legal Expenses

NPA Member benefit:

For peace of mind have all your insurance in one place managed by the NPA. Our experienced staff who understand pharmacy will be able to provide a quotation for you. Please contact us on 0800 496 0426 and select option 1. We are open from Monday to Friday 09:00 – 17:00

Find out more about NPA Insurance here.

NPA Recommended Business Partners

Applied Driving Techniques (ADT)

Is your business currently legally exposed?

  • Did you know that driving at work is the most dangerous activity to require your staff to undertake at work?
  • Health and Safety at Work Regulations (inc Corporate Manslaughter) also apply to Work Related Road Risk (WRRR)?
  • Legal Compliance and protecting your staff is not a business option

As an employer:

  • Are you fulfilling your required legal obligations to protect your staff, the public and of your Corporate Brand/Reputation?
  • Are your staff are driving legally under YOUR name/brand: (e.g. using their own vehicle without valid business insurance?
  • When the last time your business checked if your drivers possess a valid driving licence or undertook Risk Assessments?
  • If you have a valid “Driver Safety Policy” in place?

ADT’s award winning Driver Safety at Work Compliance and Accident Reduction service could be the solution. ADT will not only ensure that your business has a fully legally compliant approach to Work Related Road Risk in place, it will also significantly reduce your accidents rates thus saving time and money reduce your insurance related costs and premiums plus crucially protect both your and employees and corporate reputation. ADT provide the following:

  • A multi-award winning fully managed approach to fulfilling your legal responsibilities
  • Ensure you have an implemented Driver Safety Policy, or equivalent, in place
  • Undertake the necessary Duty of Care Risk Assessments for your drivers
  • Driving Licence Validation – to ensure staff are driving legally on your behalf
  • Grey Fleet Management – ensuring staff using their own vehicles are doing so legally

NPA Member benefit:

  • Ensures your business has a fully legal complaint approach to Driver Safety in place
  • Protects both your Staff and your Corporate Reputation
  • Delivers Reduce Accident Rates by 30% in Year 1: saves time and money
  • Reduces Insurance Costs and Controls Insurance Premiums
  • Request a free Driver Safety Process and Policy Compliance Audit

Find out more about Applied Driving Techniques (ADT) here.

The Lansdowne Motor Company

The Lansdowne Motor Company provide an independent, dedicated and unbiased service for the acquisition of company and personal vehicles. They have preferential terms with the major manufacturers for new cars and light commercials and special access to 1000’s of vetted used trade vehicles nationwide.

Delivery of the vehicles to any address in the UK is free of charge. Part Exchange deals can also be arranged.

So whether you wish to purchase outright, require Finance, Personal Contract Purchase, Lease or Contract Hire let The Lansdowne Motor Company provide you with a no obligation quote.

NPA Member benefit:

Once an offer is agreed, deliveries of the vehicles are made at the customers’ convenience and to any address in the UK free of charge.
We can also arrange to buy outright, require finance or lease/contract hire or part exchange deals we can provide you with a no obligation quote.

Find out more about The Lansdowne Motor Company here.


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