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July | 26/07/2019

Superintendent update on the MSO Quarterly report (April-June 2019)

July | 03/07/2019

The MHRA has updated their resources to support compliance with the Pregnancy Prevention Programme in females taking oral retinoid medicines

April | 18/04/2019

Valproate medicines in females: the MHRA has produced updated clinical guidance and an annual risk assessment form to aid compliance with the Pregnancy Prevention Programme

March | 25/03/2019

The MHRA has issued a drug safety update on contraceptive methods and pregnancy testing in women taking teratogenic medicines

February | 25/02/2019

Sanofi has confirmed that there may be supply issues involving all valproate preparations (Epilim and Depakote)

October | 31/10/2018

The shortage of Epilim Chronosphere▼250mg is expected to last until the end of November 2018 – Sanofi has issued advice on alternatives

October | 23/10/2018

The MHRA has issued a reminder for pharmacists to ensure that female patients being dispensed valproate medicines receive a patient information leaflet

September | 28/09/2018

The MHRA reminder for all healthcare professionals regarding valproate treatments to females of childbearing age

September | 14/09/2018

The NPA leads the way in patient safety for independent community pharmacies.