Clinical (non-vaccination) services

To deliver services you must be competent in the particular clinical area. You may require training or a period of supervision, depending on the service being delivered. You also need the legal authority to issue medicines, such as being an IP or using PGDs/eTool with integrated PGDs.

Examples of services include ear health and micro-suction, weight management or sore throat services.

ECG Training

ECG offers various training courses, such as clinical assessment skills and ear health training. ECG have developed an online training module to support the Pharmacy First service (England) and they have a range of PGDs for private services such as weight management and ear pain.

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We have partnered with Pharmadoctor to offer members a 10% discount on all packages to enhance your service delivery through community pharmacy. Packages include minor ailments, men’s health, weight management and UTI test ‘n’ treat.

Alternatively purchase the Pharmadoctor unlimited package for access to over 60 PGD’s and service eTools to enhance your clinical service provision, with inclusive marketing to help drive footfall to your pharmacy.

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