Covid-19: Training you and your workforce

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unexpected immense pressure for community pharmacies who are evidently under significant strain already. To help you during this time, the NPA has developed a concise training guide designed to enable volunteers to support the pharmacy workforce and services in this challenging situation.
Advice on delivery service support is also provided.


 Volunteer training guide – updated version available soon

The content of this training consists of an overview of COVID-19 and its associated symptoms, as well as duties and tasks to perform in relation to the Responsible Pharmacist requirements. The course also highlights that the learner must recognise the limitations of their role within the pharmacy workforce, and proactively seek advice and guidance from regular pharmacy team members when necessary.

This course does not include volunteers delivering medicines as this has both insurance liabilities in addition to safety issues relating to the patient and communities. The NPA are addressing this element and guidance will be made available as soon as it is possible.


Pharmacy staff training guide

The NPA has also created a pandemic training guide for pharmacy staff.  Pharmacies are being required to undergo many changes within a short period of time during the COVID 19 pandemic and are experiencing a heavier workload than usual. This guide is aimed at supporting staff through these changes. It can be used by existing trained or trainee healthcare staff to understand the changes that may take place in their pharmacy and operational practices and how these will affect them.


SOP – Delivering pharmacy items 

This SOP aims to give staff and volunteers a clear process for delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. The SOP covers social distancing precautions, hygiene measures and other good practice.

Download our Delivering Medicines Poster

Read guidance for Delivery Drivers and the Prescriptions Delivery Service


Delivery Factsheet for Volunteers

This quick reference sheet gives key points in relation to delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. Volunteers and staff alike should have access to the factsheet during delivery for easy reference.


A guide for selecting volunteers in the pharmacy, roles conducted by volunteers and delivery of medicines

This guidance aims to help pharmacists, including pharmacy owners and superintendent pharmacists, with regards to the use of volunteers in the pharmacy and the delivery of medicines by volunteers. The guide includes important information about the selection and recruitment of volunteers and covers key aspects which need due consideration when recruiting and deploying a volunteer.