The NPA is strongly committed to consulting its members and key stakeholders on important issues that matter and seeking opinions to help shape the future of Community Pharmacy. Review our previous and current consultations, as well as our responses and outcomes.



Open consultations that we are currently seeking your opinion on :


UK wide:

Migration Advisory Committee – Salary threshold and Points-based systems commission

Answer our survey herecloses 5th November 2019



Community Pharmacy Drug Reimbursement Formscloses 13th December 2019



Scottish Parliament inquiry – Supply and Demand of Medicinescloses 22nd November 2019


Please share your views with our NPA Policy team on any of the above consultations:

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Consultations that we have responded to :


Great Britain:


April 2019: GPhC consultation on Initial Education and Training Standards for Pharmacists




July 2019: DHSC consultation on community pharmacy drug reimbursement reforms

October 2019 DHSC consultation on Advancing health: prevention in the 2020s




August 2019: Social Prescribing of Physical Activity and Sport

August 2019: What Primary Care for the next generation should look like?

April 2019: Scottish Affairs Committee Inquiry on Use and Misuse of Drugs


Outcomes that have been published :


The views of NPA members was heard by senior government officials  and helped influence some of their key decisions following a consultative period.


Examples include but not limited to:


NICE Community pharmacy guideline (NG102)   
The NPA positively influenced NICE guidance on community pharmacy role in health and well-being.
This guideline covers how community pharmacies can help maintain and improve people’s physical and mental health and wellbeing, including people with a long-term condition. The NPA emphasised the key role of the community pharmacy within the local community, and the guideline now adds that a “collaborative approach from individual pharmacies and their representatives, local authorities and other commissioners” is essential.


Parliamentary inquiry to the Impact of Brexit on medicines supply
In its response the NPA called for community pharmacies to be allowed to use their clinical skills and judgement in instances of medicine shortages. Provision has now been made through the Department of Health and Social Care for “serious shortage protocols” to be enabled in cases of serious shortages of medicines.