Employment Law One2One

Want closer, one-to-one support with your people and safety responsibilities?

Want closer, one-to-one support with your people and safety responsibilities?

If you’re getting good use out of the NPA Employment and Health & Safety Advisory Service, why not take advantage of the highly discounted rates available on WorkNest’s One2One services?

With this enhanced solution, you’ll benefit from unlimited advice from named professionals, plus bespoke documentation, correspondence and document drafting, hands-on support with risk assessments, and software.

 Employment Law One2One

Manage staff efficiently and effectively, maintain excellent employment practices, and minimise the risk of disputes and Employment Tribunal claims.

  Your own small team of qualified, sector-experienced Employment Law Advisers

Unlimited jargon-free advice on all your employee relations challenges – however big or small

Tailored, legally compliant contracts plus an accompanying best-practice employee handbook

Bespoke drafting of all your employment-related documents, including letters and policies

Secure, time-saving HR and case management software: PeopleNest HR Absence Management and CaseNest

Optional Legal Expenses Insurance for awards and settlement and added protection against Employment Tribunal claims for non-pharmacy staff


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