Our Board

The NPA Board of Management comprises 14 NPA members, who are elected by the membership on a regional basis across the UK.

Join your fast-growing family of NPA members, fighting for pharmacies across the UK, winning respect for our profession.

Representing You

We are calling for a new deal for all community pharmacies – fair funding and the respect you deserve.

Who we are – the representative voice of the independent community

The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) is the representative voice of independent community pharmacies across the UK and a key provider of services to the pharmacy sector. More than half of pharmacies are family owned and run, small to medium-sized businesses (approx 8,000 independent pharmacies UK-wide).  The vast majority of independents are NPA members.

Who we represent – community pharmacies across the UK

Pharmacies are a local lifeline and vital to the health of the nation.  Often the first port of call for advice and treatment, pharmacies are a key part of neighbourhood health services.  Pharmacies provide a range of NHS services, ensure people can get face-to-face care without an appointment, and take pressure off GPs and hospitals. There is potential for so much more.

What we stand for – thriving pharmacies, healthy patients

The NPA has a vision for the future of community pharmacy, in which pharmacies are thriving and patients are enjoying the benefits in all parts of the country.  We want tech-enabled community pharmacies, better integrated with other health services, operating efficiently as neighbourhood health and wellbeing centres, providing excellent patient care and recognised as the front door to the NHS.  This is a vision grounded in reality, respectful of the past and excited about the future.

Core beliefs

Our key policy positions