Core beliefs

These are the NPA’s Core Beliefs:


Community pharmacy works. We have unique strengths and deliver immensely valuable benefits to patients, communities and the NHS.

Community pharmacy can do so much more (given sustained support and investment). Pharmacy premises are conveniently located health & social care assets in communities across the country. Our skilled people have the capability to do so much more if supported to do so. Because of their positive experience of our support during the coronavirus pandemic, people now want and expect more from their local pharmacy.

A pharmacy is more than ‘a shop’. A pharmacy is a valued community asset and a convenient health care practice. It is both part of the fabric of our society and the frontline of our health service.

Face to face care is vitally important. Community pharmacy provides care to millions of people, in person, daily. Even in this age of increasing automation and digitalisation, the face-to-face relationship between health professionals and patients matters.

A pharmacy without a pharmacist is not really a pharmacy at all. The delivery of excellent care is a team effort and convenient access to a team dedicated to pharmaceutical care is a key strength of community pharmacy. Yet the pharmacist is central to the operations of a pharmacy, indeed to its very identity.

Pharmacists are clinicians and our future is clinical. Fully realising the clinical potential of all pharmacists, including community pharmacists, would improve access to primary care, strengthen public health and make life more convenient for millions of people with long term conditions.

We are in the NHS family.  Community pharmacy is at its best when working as part of a team with the NHS and integrated with others in health and social care.

Community pharmacy is about people, not just pills. Our dedicated, professional workforce provides a patient-focused and caring service. Everyone who works in a pharmacy and all those who rely on pharmacy services deserves to be treated with compassion and respect.

Community pharmacy is the best first port of call for health care in the vast majority of circumstances. We are the most visited of all health care settings. As the ‘front door to health,’ we can do even more to help keep people well and help take pressure off the NHS.

Medicines supply and service belong together. The link between supply and service is our history and our future. This link is a crucial element of the established, trusted service model of community pharmacy – namely convenient, face-to-face care from health care professionals, locally responsive and community-based.

Change is inevitable and necessary – we are on a journey. Pharmacies must be progressive and modern, whilst staying true to the historic values of pharmacy as a personal, caring profession. In particular, the sector must optimise the use of technology, recognising that the expectations of patients and consumers are constantly evolving.