What we do

NPA as a trade association

We care for independent community pharmacies or all shapes and sizes. Our members care about their community. Their role is vital in ensuring the delivery of health and wellbeing to the local community.

The NPA is a trade association for independent community pharmacy with thousands of members and more than 100 years of experience and heritage.

As the leading UK-wide trade association for community pharmacy established in 1921, our purpose is to support all our members to succeed professionally and commercially for the benefit of their patients. To support their service development and patient care.

Our values that underpin this purpose are; Professionalism, Authenticity, Collaboration, Innovation, Excellence and Respect.

Through the strength of one united voice, the NPA can influence decisions taken by UK governments and other organisations, and represent the interests of our members in Europe, that shape the environment in which our members operate.

NPA as a membership organisation

Our members are at the heart of everything we do and we aim to provide an outstanding service.

Pharmacists are required to offer advice and make decisions that can have a significant bearing on people’s health and wellbeing. Often working in relative isolation, without ready access to their peers for encouragement, advice and support, pharmacists can be exposed to many risks, and errors can have serious consequences.

NPA membership can fill this gap and provide precisely the encouragement, advice and support that is needed.

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