Sometimes you need to take a step back from the pharmacy world and the NPA understand that, so we have Business Partners who we think can help you and your loved ones outside of your day to day routine. Pharmacists need to take a break so we have partnered with a travel agents to help manage your holidays and try and provide you with your holiday requests.

We understand that pharmacists are academic people and you wish the same for the children in your families to follow the same journey. However, not everyone is born to be a pharmacist but maybe a Lawyer, Corporate Banker or Accountant. We have a Business Partner who can help graduates with guidance and an opportunity to land their dream job.

See below the range of services that are available from our Business Partners to help you, your family and friends. 


Fidelity Energy

By using Fidelity Energy, members have access to account managers who will make switching over quick and simple. All they need is a copy of your latest bill and within 5 minutes they will provide you with a quote. Your account manager will also be a constant point of contact for any queries you may have. Taking away the stress of you having to call your new energy provider customer service, they do it all for you free of charge.

NPA Member benefit:

Fidelity Energy is able to offer NPA members a significant price saving on energy bills due to their wide range of suppliers. This means Fidelity Energy will find you the best market price available saving up to 48% on your energy bills.

Find out more about Fidelity Energy here.



PharmaWealth offers a full range of wealth management services, on a completely independent basis. They can help with any kind of financial planning and wealth management solution you require, from planning for business or school fees to wealth maximisation and investment strategies.  All of their services fall under the following four sections: Investments, Pension, Tax Mitigation and Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning.

NPA Member Benefit:

  • Currently they can offer NPA members the chance to attend their Webinars and Seminars the opportunity to hear marketing leading information and strategies at no cost.
  • Those NPA members who wish to follow up with a personal and highly valuable initial Discover Meeting normally priced at £287, can do so at PharmaWealth’s cost.

Find out more about PharmaWealth here.


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