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Company Summary:

We bring expertise in wealth management to our clients’ financial planning, along with a deep understanding of the industry in which they work. This combination let’s us generate bespoke financial plans for our clients which take their circumstances into account in a way that non-specialists would struggle to match. While our clients have many varying goals in mind when they come to us, we only have one: creating a better future.

We are a fully independent wealth manager, we have never taken commissions from any third parties and we work for our clients on a fee basis. This means you do not have to worry about hourly payments, or conflicts of interest: when we work for you, we are working for your interests – not anyone else’s.

Building lasting relationships

At PharmaWealth we believe one of the keys to good wealth management is a good relationship between client and adviser. We try to stay in contact with our clients more regularly than our competitors, and commit to quarterly reviews of your wealth management strategy. We do this because we believe it let’s us minimise any losses you may incur, and maximise any gains, through active investment strategies. If you would like to enquire about starting a wealth management relationship like this, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

How can you help our members? 

Our services

PharmaWealth offers a full range of wealth management services, on a completely independent basis. Our expertise, independence and attention to detail, mean we are perfectly suited to review and take-over existing wealth management arrangements. So, if you are wondering whether you have outgrown your current Financial Adviser, speaking to us could show you what the alternative is. In almost every case, we can help you maximise returns on existing investments, and draw up a financial plan that is better suited to your life (and business) than our competitors.

We can help with any kind of financial planning and wealth management solution you require, from planning for business or school fees to wealth maximisation and investment strategies. As a qualified financial planner with accountancy training, our Managing Director has a holistic view of finance that goes beyond the basics, and includes in depth expertise on a variety of subjects, from tax planning to audits. All of our services fall under the following four sections:


If you already have money invested, we may be able to help you maximise returns by transferring it on to modern, lower cost, platforms. Perhaps most importantly, our frequent investment reviews and expert investment strategies guarantee that – whatever you choose to invest in – you will be in good hands.


Your pension is a vital component in your long-term wealth maximisation strategy. But is it as effective as it could be? We can review your pension and check that it is optimised for today’s modern world. This may mean moving to a different pension provider, structuring your contributions differently, or other solutions according to your needs.

We are dedicated to maintaining our expertise in this ever-evolving field so we are always upto- date with the latest news coming from the pensions sector. As a result, you can trust us to stay informed of best practice and ensure these are being applied to your financial planning.

Tax Mitigation

We are specialists in tax mitigation, and will implement strategies to ensure that your tax position – both as an individual and a business owner – is optimised. These strategies could be based on everything from your lifetime income tax and capital gains tax or corporation tax liabilities, to directors’ retirement and remuneration planning, and more.

Wills, Trusts & Estate Planning

PharmaWealth is highly experienced when it comes to wills, trusts & estate planning. We are able to provide frameworks for protecting assets for your family and future generations, strategies around inheritance tax relief, and bespoke wills and trusts that will enable your loved one’s easier access to the money you leave them. With PharmaWealth, you can rest assured that the people you leave behind will be looked after as professionally as possible when the time comes.

What support is provided? 

If you choose to work with PharmaWealth, you’ll undergo our 4 step-process, putting us in the perfect position to create a bespoke wealth management plan that makes the most of your assets. This process includes a thorough review and audit to guarantee that no stone is left un-turned in regards to your finances – find out more about the 4 step process here.

What can you offer our member as added value? 

Find out more here.

Are there any helpful resources for members to use or download? 

We can supply you with various Guides which are update 8x per annum and your members can have access to our Webinars and Seminars.

You can also found out about the Ashleigh Court Group incorporating PharmaWealth and the PharmaWealth Client Guarantee.

Cost to members:

Currently we can offer NPA members to attend our Webinars and Seminars the opportunity to hear our marketing leading information and strategies at no cost.

Those NPA members who wish to follow up with a personal and highly valuable initial Discover Meeting normally priced at £287, can do so at our cost.


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