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FTA Finance are independent finance brokers who work closely with the pharmacy profession to source flexible and competitive funding packages.

We work primarily with first time buyers to guide them through the purchase process to achieve their dream of pharmacy ownership.

We provide unbiased advice to ensure best chance of obtaining loan approval at competitive terms so members achieve their dreams of business ownership.


Benefits include:

  • Guidance provided to assist with the raising of finance for new Pharmacy purchases including viability of proposed purchase and completion of business plan and forecasts
  • Free financial pre-assessment (review of applicants personal financial position to gauge level of borrowing they could arrange and steer client in direction of suitably sized Pharmacies)
  • Assistance with completion of business plan and forecasts to aid funding application
  • No-obligation discussions and preparation of business plan & forecasts to assess viability of any potential new purchase



FTA Finance recognise that the Healthcare Sectors are different and have tailored solutions.

If you’re looking for funding, we can help if you are:

  • A pharmacist wishing to purchase your own pharmacy (1st time purchasers are our speciality)
  • An established pharmacy owner wishing to finance an expansion or additional pharmacy purchase
  • A pharmacist looking to buy out a partner / partner buy in
  • A new or established pharmacy requiring finance for new equipment
  • Seeking finance to acquire stock
  • Seeking assistance with tax payments – e.g CGT, Inland Revenue arrears
  • A pharmacy looking for a cashflow ‘boost’
  • Disillusioned with your current financial lender and/or seeking more competitive and flexible terms

We have many contacts within the major banks, together with specialist niche healthcare lenders, and we know the types of deals that are synonymous with this sector.

We are able to arrange funding for pharmacies, with or without wholesale product support

What’s more, we know the rules and where to find the best deals so you don’t have to. One of our key values is our independence and we make it easy for the banks to say ‘YES’ by providing them with a detailed application on your behalf – and our 95% funding success rate over past 12 months is testament to this.

And unlike most other advisers we charge NO UP FRONT FEES – we receive payment only upon results and draw down of your loan facility and in most cases we would collect payment from the bank as part of their fee that they would have applied in any event .

You can be confident that we will source the most appropriate funding structure for you.


Cost to members:

No up front costs or fees charged to NPA members.


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