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Company Summary

Medpoint is a British made automated prescription collection solution that provides patients with a safe, quick and secure way to collect their repeat prescriptions 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Medpoint has been designed specifically for the UK market with a community pharmacist as one of our founders. Our aim is to help bring community pharmacy into the digital age.

The Covid19 pandemic has accelerated changes which were already underway in the healthcare sector and we firmly believe that 24/7 collection will become the norm at most community pharmacies by 2023.

How can you help our members?

Modern life is busy & many patients can struggle to get to the pharmacy within normal opening hours and they are seeking convenience when they choose online pharmacies. At the same time, pharmacies and dispensaries are struggling with rising costs, NHS cutbacks and increased competition from online providers. Extending opening hours is not an option and subsidising delivery services may no longer be sustainable.

With automated prescription collection technology we see huge potential for a win-win situation…… improve patient satisfaction and safety while also releasing staff capacity to adapt your business to meet the challenges of the NHS funding settlement.

Inevitably the traditional pharmacy business model will continue to see increasing disruption from online competitors. Retain your market share by giving your patients the best of both worlds with secure 24/7 collection.


Think about how much time is wasted in your pharmacy looking for prescriptions on A-Z shelves or dealing with patients who have come to collect before their order is ready. This contributes to avoidable queues which act as a deterrent to customers, especially during the pandemic where social distancing is an added challenge.

Opening Hours

Reduction in supplementary opening hours is something many operators are being forced to consider but clearly, fear of losing customers is a deterrent. Medpoint 24/7 collection creates the option of reducing hours & therefore operating costs while simultaneously increasing patients access to medicines.

Delivery Demand

The pandemic has seen an unsustainable increase in the demand for delivery services from patients who understandably want to avoid crowded retail environments. 24/7 collection provides the opportunity to convert a proportion of delivery patients to click & collect. We estimate that each delivery costs a pharmacy operator between £2.00-£2.50 per drop so savings can be significant.


What support is provided?

Partnering with Medpoint provides not only a cutting edge automation solution for your business but also access to a team with deep sector experience the regulatory and commercial aspects of the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, adding value to the strategic growth plans of your business.

The level of support required will be established during the consultation and quotation process. We can provide everything from a fully project managed turnkey solution to a simple machine supply & installation. We will work with each member’s specific needs and requirements to achieve their aims.

Full on-going service and maintenance is provided.


What can you offer our members as added value?

We offer a 10% discount on the MedPoint Hardware to all NPA members.

A detailed template standard Operating Procedure and regulatory guidance is also provided to support the Superintendent Pharmacist.

The MedPoint range consists of both integrated “ATM” style collection point and a fully freestanding temperature controlled “Solo” version which can be deployed in any suitable location.


Are there any helpful resources for our members to use or download?

We provide a Digital Marketing Toolkit which provides a range of advice and digital resources to help promote your 24/7 service locally including, template leaflet, posters, press release, blog as well as several social media images gifs.

A customised animated explainer video is available for an extra charge.


Cost to members:

There are a range of MedPoint solutions to fit every need starting at £22,500, fill in the form below for someone from MedPoint to contact you with more information.


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