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MethaMeasure is an automated Methadone dispensing system.

The MethaMeasure system was designed and engineered in the UK for the UK market and is perfectly suited for dispensing Methadone in all scenarios. Our machines accurately and safely
dispense in excess of 6 million doses of Methadone a year.

The MethaMeasure dispensing system is designed to:

  • Be intuitive, simple to use with integration options available
  • Positively identify each patient by fingerprint and picture ensuring the correct patient gets the correct dose
  • Increase patient safety by improving accuracy and reducing errors by alerting the user if there are missed doses, dose changes etc.
  • Reduce dispensing and administration time required to provide this service hence maximising staff time to increase patient numbers or provide additional value add services to clientele thus improving profitability
  • Automatically create a Methadone CD register which can be used stand alone or integrated into CDRx
  • Reduce consumption of single use plastic bottles by encouraging daily supervised doses to be dispensed into a paper cup therefore reducing costs and improving your carbon footprint

What support is provided?

Our helpdesk is open from 8:45am – 5:45pm Monday to Saturday with an out of hours call back service outside of these times.

The helpdesk provides the following:

  • Hardware and software support and updates
  • Advice on using our systems

MethaMeasure installations are free of charge and normally take place over two working days to make sure the system is installed and commissioned before we leave the site.

CDRx can also be set up at the same time. More information on CDRx on the next tab.



CDRx was the first commercially available online electronic CD Register and is backed and supported by the same dedicated team who look after MethaMeasure.


CDRx is our online, electronic CD register designed to:

  • Replace bulky and inefficient paper registers
  • Simple to use mimicking the layout of the paper register to allow easy adaption for the pharmacy staff
  • Cloud based software which is easily accessible- it can be opened on any computer and on multiple devices at the same time
  • Safe to use with a two factor authentication process for logging in
  • Intuitive as it pre-populates previously entered patients, doctors, suppliers etc. saving valuable time
  • Provide additional useful features for compliance such as dispensary duty logs, responsible pharmacist logs, specials recording logs, fridge temperature recording, as well as near miss, errors logs and much more
  • SOPs repository which allows SOPs to be emailed to staff and actioned on the software
  • Built-in Advertising Platform
  • Notification on the latest MHRA updates that can be actioned by staff
  • Head Office/Group administration section which allows all the groups registers to be accessed remotely by the Superintendent pharmacist
  • Integration available with current PMR suppliers which allows even more time savings
  • Make your next CD inspection a breeze with easy access for the CD inspectors

What support is provided?

Our helpdesk is open from 8:45am – 5:45pm Monday to Saturday with an out of hours call back service outside of these times.

The helpdesk provides the following:

  • Software support and updates
  • Advice on using our systems

Our dedicated support team will help you get set up on CDRx. We will supply you with videos, a detailed user guide and one on one support if required.



What can you offer our members as added value?

  • Time savings
  • Improved patient safety and accuracy
  • Be ready for your CD inspection and show you are actively taking steps to ensure compliance
  • Better use of current staff time to increase services provided hence improving the pharmacy’s profile locally and increasing profitability
  • The opportunity to work with a long standing, small family run business that is respected in the industry and knows what it is like to operate independent pharmacies in these times
  • To be listened to and actively try to improve our services from your feedback

Are there any helpful resources for our members to use or download?

Our youtube channel is available with support videos.

Find out more about MethaMeasure and CDRx or read the CDRx manual.

Cost to members:


  • Free 56 day trial (100% more for NPA members)
  • Single pump – £185 per month + VAT (7% discount)
  • Double pump – £278 per month + VAT (7% discount). Double pump typically used if there is a mix of sugar free/sugar containing methadone


  • Free for the first year
  • £16.30 per month + VAT (7% discount)
  • £167.50 per year + VAT (7% discount)


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“The MethaMeasure system basically does what it says on the tin. We had a trial period and we haven’t looked back since. The system has proved to be very saving. I would go as far as to say it has reduced my spend by 100%. The helpline and service provided by the company has also been first class.”  – Alan Moffat, Craigneuk and Petersburn Pharmacy
“The MethaMeasurem system basically works itself and is more accurate. We do a lot of Methadone dispensing here and knew the MethaMeasure system would save us a considerable amount of time. We are really pleased with it so far; it’s certainly freed up more of my time” – Laura Alon, Methadone Dispenser
“The best feature is the speed, by far. Normally in the morning if we were to measure it out it would probably take maybe a minute to measure each person, and then having the pharmacists to check it may lead to errors. With MethaMeasure once we calibrate it in the morning, which only takes a minute to do, it makes it a lot quicker.” – Wendy Williams, Dell Pharmacy
“CDRx allows us to record CD entries electronically, with prompts for balance checks with every entry in and out. This makes it much easier, and less time consuming, to monitor running balances and quickly identify discrepancies. The time saved with this, as opposed to a paper-based system, is significant and combined with Methameasure, certainly contributes to the profitability of our business. A fantastic support team to back it all up is the icing on the cake!”- Stuart Hermiston, Area Manager, Weldricks